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  2. hey i just download rage servers and this what showed up
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  4. MrPancakers

    Vehicle.heading round fix

    He can’t if it’s locked
  5. MrPancakers

    RAGE-MP and cloud sharing? NEED HELP PLS

    Why’d you tag me? If it doesn’t work then unfortunately you won’t be able to. I don’t know how they work but if you click a button to launch a certain game then there’s no chance they’ll add mods as an option
  6. genesis

    Events not triggering

    Hey what's up. I've noticed that with a few clients some events won't trigger, I'm talking about doors and gates opening when you're close like garages, fences, barriers and what not. At first I thought it would've been a savegame issue, but after installing a 100% savegame and having it loaded, the bug persists.
  7. kandzamao


    How can i repair that?
  8. time.

    Vehicle.heading round fix

    Use the bugtracker.
  9. edouardlicn

    Open source Role Play server

    What system do you on?
  10. Hello, so i recently was playng gta v threw geforce now, but it dosen't support the RAGE-MP, maybe it will be awailable in future? Or maybe some other cloud sharing websites are support RAGE-MP ? Need help pls thanks. @MrPancakers
  11. Jadeclon

    Open source Role Play server

    How can I use commands in the console? I doesnt have a command line..
  12. Jadeclon

    tutorial Add Command Line to server console

    It doesnt works for me... Did I have to activate the package or something?
  13. Please provide feedback for this very annoying issue
  14. Discoverer


    Что нужно для создания сценария? Какой язык изучить? И где лучше всего это сделать. Есть ли источники, курсов, гайдов, учебники или же человека знающего это направление который смог бы обучить?
  15. linnik

    Vehicle.heading round fix

    Any reaction from developers?
  16. В настройках сделай так: "announce" : true, Запусти сервер и всё. Твой друг сможет его найти в основном сервер листе и подключится к тебе.
  17. Midnight-Vortex

    roleplay [MvX] Midnight-Vortex Reallife | Wir suchen dich!

    # Wird gesucht!
  18. Captien

    Client-Side Scripting - How to start?

    yeah same way, but other than doing ./gamemode_folder/file you'll do ./file
  19. Malul99

    devblog RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.2 RC-2

    its for cracked virision as well?
  20. MrPancakers

    Switchable Audiooutput for Voice

    Not all servers are going to have voice chat and this isn't a feature built into RageMP. Each server has to code it and implement it themselves if they want it so adding a setting into RageMP that isn't even built into every server doesn't seem efficient.
  21. Hello everyone since most Servers are slowly switching to Voice delivered by Rage there are a couple of lets say... downsides to it. With having a Teamspeak and the Multiplayer running side-by-side you can have the Gamesounds on your PC Speakers and the whole voice on your headset. Has the benefit of being able to hear everyone relatively clearly, which can be quite important when you have other players with sub-optimal microphone qualities and not going deaf when a siren is blaring for several minutes. So what i propose is implementing switchable Audio In and Outputs for RageMPs Voice in the Launcher or ingame.
  22. _OsFlash


    Version 1.0.0


    Installation Put the files you downloaded in their respective places Add require('voip') to client_packages/index.js Place the content of ./html/ on your secure https server; [ suggestion ] Change all urls my web project on yours in index.html : '' - testing or create an account on heroku, exemple : Deploy > GitHub > clone - RTCMultiConnection. packages/voice/voice.js : 'your-site/html/index.html', your secure https server. All done. sorry for using the translator.😏 Thanks to the following people who in some way or another, has helped: LeozinH1
  23. Sevage

    Open source Role Play server

    npm set audit false
  24. Klabs

    Open source Role Play server

    Hello can someone help me
  25. Stuyk

    People Wanting to Learn Programming

    Can agree here. Putting in the time is the most important aspect.
  26. sparx

    People Wanting to Learn Programming

    One thing that was huge in helping me develop some sense of programming was taking pre-existing scripts (There's plenty of open-source ones here) and messing around with the code and seeing what values change what. There's no use in spending all of your learning time on Udemy / Sololearn and not getting in at least 30% practical practice. In terms of Rage's functions and javascript specifically, it's mostly muscle memory in terms of learning the syntax and how things operate systematically (Client / Server / Databases) and how they all link together. What really takes you places though, is your ability to problem solve and come up with usable solutions to ideas and then putting that into practice through code. Other than that, what others have mentioned is that it takes time, you won't be an Alan Turing in a matter of months, but getting the very basics memorized shouldn't take you too long if you dedicate to it, and from my experience that dedication is worth every hour.
  27. hubba

    People Wanting to Learn Programming

    thanks for this thread, seeing some of this questions on it really encouragment))
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