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  2. Xabi

    [GAMEMODE] WiredPlayers Roleplay Server

    Place all the translated strings on Messages.cs file.
  3. Chainksain

    [GAMEMODE] WiredPlayers Roleplay Server

    how can i switch between languages?
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  5. micaww

    Clientscript error Undefined 0

    @Cloudlive @Emuke Can you guys try these possible solutions and report with your results?
  6. micaww

    Requiring a npm package inside Client-side ?

    Wrong area to post this, but the client-side JS supports the require function to load in other files. For using packages from NPM you just have to include them in your client_packages directory so they get sent to each client. I suggest something like Webpack to handle bundling for you.
  7. Szwagier

    I have a problem with rage mp.

    The problem is that in the folder where I should have rage mp installed, there is nothing ... I do not want to install.
  8. micaww

    I have a problem with rage mp.

    The installation was successful but the installer cannot launch the updater. Go to the RAGE directory and launch "updater.exe"
  9. Ah okay. Any chance of a small dependency update patch? @ragempdev
  10. Here is a screenshot of me joining Complex. Taken right as the error comes. @ragempdev Since "node.dll" is dynamically linked (assuming that that is your V8 implementation), could replacing just that DLL using the one from 0.4 prove whether the issue is Node or not? Unless Rage depends on a certain version of V8 with each release of course.
  11. What about total RAM usage?
  12. @ragempdev @Rangy seems that the fix only fixed my issue for a few days. Even after replicating the scenario as best as I could, I can no longer join any servers without Node crashing. For example, I use Complex Freeroam as the one I join to test it. Since Complex has a client-side custom chat, when Node crashes it falls back to the default RAGE chat and I can chat with players and all server-side code affects me, but all client-side code crashes. That's what makes me think this might just be a Node dependency problem. And if the issue only started occuring after a minor 0.3 update, maybe there was an issue with the V8 version that minor update included. Here are my specs if useful to either of you: Intel i7 7700K @ 4.2GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB 32GB RAM The game never goes above around 4-5GB memory, even during the crash. CPU and RAM usage is all around low. @ragempdev
  13. MrCarter

    rpg Cops 'n' Robs

    House system The house system is very unique. As Staff or higher admin rank, you can create house properties. You can set the entrance, a backyard entrance, a garage and a driveway. The price gets calculated by the size of the property and the extras. Also the type of the house is one of the highest factors. The boundaries are saved and synced with each player, which will be very useful in later development process for motion sensors and object placement on your property. You can lock/unlock your house by holding L and enter/exit it by holding X. Pickups / Placed items are synced and stays there, even after server start. So, you could grow your weed inside your house. Vangelico Jewelry I've added the safe for the jewelry rob. This safe drops "Jewellery" as item. This can only be sold at the Black Market for x exchange. It takes 60 seconds with a C4 or 240 seconds with a drill. If you want to try to crack it with a pickset, it takes 481 seconds. Max. drop rate is 20 and each item is $ 1.000 worth on full exchange value. C4, drill and pickset has to be equipped ( Use in inventory ) and then you can use /plant, /drill or /crack infront of the safe.
  14. Szwagier

    I have a problem with rage mp.

    I can not install rage mp, the installation takes about a second and when I click "finish" this error appears I have everything updated and downloaded, which is related to the rage mp.
  15. Mam problem z pobraniem rage mp, chodzi o to ze nie da sie go pobrac. Wszystko co potrzebne do instalacji mam pobrane i zaktualizowane daje link z problemem: Szukalem na innych forach pomocy ale nic nie pomagalo, pomyslalem ze moze Wy znacie sposob na naprawe tego bledu. Z gory dziekuje.
  16. WhoThis

    Banned from discord?

    A scamming Officer? Always trust Hubba.
  17. Daryl Dixon


    Help ;)
  18. Optimaluxus

    My GTA doesnt Start

    I try to repair this for more than 12 Hours
  19. Grizzly

    rpg Rage Battlegrounds

    Thanks. Everything will be converted to dlc packs as well as new skins and vehicles.
  20. em0zz

    roleplay Avantgarde Role Play

    Awesome.. good luck mark
  21. Enerv

    Remove World Objects

    JavaScript Client-side function: Example of removal of the street lamp within the place of spawn:, 0, 0, 100,'prop_streetlight_01'), true);
  22. Optimaluxus

    My GTA doesnt Start

    Both doesnt Work
  23. Какое-то время играл на Rage MP, но потом серв прикрыли и я подзабил. Сейчас срочно нужно играть, ибо стою в ЗБТ проекта, а рейдж не робит. Тут даже скринов не надо. После конекта к ип запуск гта и заход в одиночку, при этом social club оффлайн. Если открыть сервер лист, а вот тут скрин, вылезает ошибка. Теперь сижу и не знаю что делать. Раз 10 перезаходил, переустанавливал, заходил с ВПНом (разных сервисов) и ничего. Есть идеи что делать?
  24. MrPancakers

    My GTA doesnt Start

    How are you joining? Are you going through the 'Servers' tab, 'Direct Connect' or clicking on the RageMP Logo inside the launcher?
  25. Optimaluxus

    My GTA doesnt Start

    Hallo, wenn ich den RageMP Launcher starte passiert soweit nichts alles normal, aber wenn ich auf Connect drücke schließt sich das Fenster einfach und es passiert nichts GTA startet nicht garnichts. Hello, my RageMP lauchner work normal but if i press the connect Button RAGEMP closes without an Error message. GTA dont start. Sorry for my bad English :D
  26. Xabi

    Banned from discord?

    He said he would had a greater chance of being unbanned, anyway never trust a scamming officer.
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