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  3. krekor

    C# getting started + debugging

    Yes, i got it mate. Thank u!
  4. Eddye

    C# getting started + debugging

    You clicked right button in the meta.xml? I clicked and open a small box with advanced options.
  5. krekor

    C# getting started + debugging

    And what happen, if I don't have 'Advanced' menu point at the meta.xml setting? How I can get Advanced options? Thank y'all. PS.: I got it. 😁
  6. Jordan409

    [GAMEMODE] WiredPlayers Roleplay Server

    @Xabi Hi excuse me to disturb you but I do not understand how your system works when I want to create a clothing store or a store to buy a phone when I create it there is a hologram or it is marked clothing but as soon as I 's on "F" her teleports me to another store but I do not have access to the clothes how her walking. I thank you!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Legend

    Click ped

    I solved my problem. Thanks for help.
  9. ragempdev

    [Suggestion] CEF improvment

    Why didn't you make it *really quickly* before posting the thread then? Though you gotta read more about "Promises" in JavaScript before posting anything like that. Your code doesn't make it synchronous but only wraps asynchronous stuff. What you did could be easily and *really quickly* made by scripters like you as we provide all the required API so it's not related to RAGE MP. Here's an example btw: As for the real synchronous calls, I'd suggest you read more about CEF's multi-process architecture which makes it just impossible.
  10. Bonjour à toute et à tous, Comme vous pouvez le voir au titre j'ai besoin d'aide le plus vite possible car plus j'avance plus je me rencontre qu'il y a beaucoup trop de chose a faire, car je suis tout seul pour l'instant. C'est pour cela que je recherche le plus rapidement possible des personnes pouvant m'aider à avancer pas forcément des développeurs mais des personnes pouvant m'avancer dans le projet, car je compte ouvrir un serveur de 100 slots au début puis augmenter petit à petit le nombre de slots voilà voilà ;). Merci Ps: je recherche des personnes minimun 17ans
  11. Martouche

    Malice cherche développeur / designer

    Toujours personne ? 😛 déjà plus de 25 heures de travail sur la banque 😛 Une aide nous serait précieuse ^^
  12. Xabi

    [GAMEMODE] WiredPlayers Roleplay Server

    Follow the steps on Github, you installed the bridge after downloading the files, not before. Go step by step.
  13. Luis Bolivaro

    Infinite downloading files

    I cant play, because of infinite downloading files. I was trying to connect to 5-10 servers, but i cant. Files were downloading for more than hour but without results.
  14. eDz0r

    Gallerie eDz0r

    Voi posta aici la ce lucrez sau mesteresc.
  15. padcmoi

    "fastdl-host" Config Server Option

    Hello, I would like to know how to use this server configuration ("fastdl-host"), in server option - I tried the following syntax: "fastdl-host", "", but that does not seem to work, in addition no trace of LOG on remote servers So I would like to know how to use this feature and even an example, so of course it allows to get the files from another server, because by default, the client packages are heavy and can saturate the bandwidth of the server. This feature appeared on August 27th,Ref: Cordially
  16. Как исправить, что делать? Я уже не знаю, может кто-нибудь поможет? Скриншот:
  17. Тут можно написать в 2 файла. Один файл, который будет выполнять серверный код, второй файл, который будет выполнять клиентский код. Просто чаще всего в рейдже используют модульную структуру сервера, то есть на один файл конкретный модуль. В одном файле параметры БД, в другом фракции и так далее. Кому как удобнее.
  18. Mispon

    [Linux] [Centos 7] Server Error lib's

    Has the same problem now
  19. Last week
  20. Здравствуйте. Такая ситуация, решил изучить JavaScript. По ходу обучения делаю иногда задумываюсь о написание мода. И тут мне не понятен один момент, на форуме сказано, что на JS можно писать клиентскую часть и серверную. Разъясните доходчивым языком, как понять серверная часть и клиентская часть? Что вообще за структура написания? Вот к примеру в SAMP, чтобы написать сервер там все в одном файле, весь сервер. А тут еще клиентская часть, это как понять? Если есть у кого то примеры файлов где серверная часть и клиентская, продемонстрируйте пожалуйста. Если кто то сможет и не трудно объяснить по дискорду, отпишитесь пожалуйста. Буду весьма благодарен.
  21. Legend

    Updater.exe not working

    Hi. Do you have antivirus? If so, try turning it off and reinstall ragemp.
  22. caledonite

    RageMP & Social Club connection issue

    I get this issue. I don't know how to fix it, it gets in my nerves pretty bad.
  23. DU BIST BEGABT? Du suchst ein Projekt, wo deine Ideen mit einfließen können? Von 0% auf 100%, dein eigenes Baby? Du kannst Aufträge selbständig ausführen? WIR BIETEN DIR! Richman Projekt Ein Rootserver, Discord, TS3, ab 18 Jahren die Möglichkeit zu spielen ein engagiertes Team, lockeres Umfeld und ein Konzept was wartet umgesetzt zu werden. DEIN REPERTOIRE Mindestalter 18 Jahre Erfahrung im Programmieren von mindestens eine der folgenden Sprachen: C#, Java, Java Skript, C++, (Webdesign) und allgemeine GTA V Programmierung. Mapping Spaß an der ganzen Sache DEINE AUFGABE DIE PROGRAMMIERBARE UMSETZUNG DES KONZEPTES. ERSTELLUNG VON FEATURES UND DIE ÜBERARBEITUNG DEINES EIGENEN CODES UND DER VON ANDEREN. MITARBEIT AM KONZEPT, EINBRINGUNG EIGENER IDEEN UND FEATURES, ÜBERPRÜFUNG DES KONZEPTES AUF UMSETZBARKEIT. Wir haben deine Interesse geweckt? Melde dich Discord: DerAquilifer#9748 oder TeamSpeak3:
  24. Cinch

    Updater.exe not working

    I downloaded the Ragemp client and followed the instructions to install. I double clicked on the icon and it seems the updater.exe isn't downloading, its basically a dead shortcut that leads me to an uninstall option. Any thoughts?
  25. Rakimay

    GTA V Starts in Offline Mode

    I just successfully installed RageMP (after a couple of unsuccessful attempts), started it up and tried to join a server, then social club launched, I logged in to Social Club as usual and the game started up. Everything seemed normal until then. Now as the game is loading a Social Club notification pops up in the top right corner of the screen that says I'm in offline mode. Of course now I can't join the server because allegedly I don't have an internet connection although I'm literally writing a post on the internet. I have tried different servers as well. I have a legally aquired copy of the game and I have all the requirements installed. I'm pretty lost to be honest because I don't even know where to start troubleshooting this problem. I've tried googling it to see if maybe someone else had this problem. Nothing. I have tried checking the Rockstar Games server status. Seems to be up and running as it should be. I have no clue as to what might be causing the problem. Thanks in advance for any possible solution.
  26. Robson

    Click ped

    Its pretty much it. Peds doesn't seems to respond to raycast either. I think theres nothing you can do about it at moment.
  27. Xabi

    [GAMEMODE] WiredPlayers Roleplay Server

    No, Database.cs reads all the data from meta.xml file by tags, shouldn't be edited.
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