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  2. Hola, Financio proyecto para servidor de rol de RageMP. Obviamente se necesita un programador o equipo de programación para llevar a cabo el proyecto. Cubro gastos tanto de servidores como otros adicionales así como publicidad, etc. Contacto Discord: Kabula#1404
  3. There's no function for mileage as it doesn't exist in normal GTA, you have to code your own mileage system yourself.
  4. Can you explain what you mean by 2 halls? Or send a screenshot
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  6. Hello someone can say which function do i have to use if i want to see the mileage of a vehicle and is there an other function to see if a vehicle is locked as this function player.vehicle.locked
  7. Hola,voy a explicar brevemente mi problema al abir rage me pone Please launch rage multiplayer as an admin ,yo siempre abro rage como administrador,ya probe reinstalar rage,verificar los archivos,reiniciar el pc y cerrar todo y abrir rage como administrador y sigue sin funcionar,alguien me puede ayudar muchas gracias!
  8. Ohhhh.. it's must be called on server-side
  9. Thank you , you are beast let canDoBets = true; let betObject = null; let closestChipSpot = null; let rouletteTable = null; let rouletteSeat = null; let startRoullete = false; let roulleteCam = false; var blockControls = false; var setBet = false; let RouletteTables = []; let betRoulette = [ [], [] ]; var CasinoPeds = [ {Hash: 0x1422D45B, Pos: new mp.Vector3(1145.337, 267.7967, -51.8409), Angle: 47.5}, {Hash: 0x1422D45B, Pos: new mp.Vector3(1149.791, 263.1628, -51.8409), Angle: 222.2}, ]; var PrizePed = [ {Hash: 0x1422D45B, Pos: new mp.Vector3(1087.727, 221.20876,
  10. look very nice can you tell me how you put this on your server ? @Ivke
  11. Hello! Help me please. Why this error is happening? I'm using it on client-side.
  12. pot face legătura cu github ??)))
  13. To add to my last comment, it's just because the object doesn't exist/hasn't loaded fully after creation. You just have to add checks to see if it exists/loaded before applying the texture if you want it done inside the same function/event as the object creation. https://github.com/RageMpOpenSource/diamond-casino/blob/main/client_packages/casino/roulette.js#L704 Similar to what I did here, or adding it inside of entityStreamIn like at the bottom of the file for example.
  14. Yesterday
  15. https://github.com/RageMpOpenSource/diamond-casino THIS ISN'T A RELEASE, THIS IS LOOKING FOR OTHER DEVELOPERS TO HELP REBUILD THE CASINO I wanted to look into the whole Diamond Casino building and try recreate it just the same as the original with all original functionality. If anyone is interested in helping in this feel free as I can't figure some parts out myself. I'm not looking to add any custom features, this is a 100% vanilla project that I want open sourced to the community.
  16. I don't think it works just as you create it, either put the native inside a timeout or use another event to set the colours. I tested the native before telling you.
  17. setTimeout(function () { for(let tbs = 0; tbs < RouletteTablesPos.length; tbs++){ RouletteTables[tbs] = {}; RouletteTables[tbs].table = mp.objects.new(mp.game.joaat('vw_prop_casino_roulette_01'), new mp.Vector3( RouletteTablesPos[tbs].x, RouletteTablesPos[tbs].y, RouletteTablesPos[tbs].z), { rotation: new mp.Vector3(0, 0, RouletteTablesHeading[tbs]), alpha: 255, dimension: 0 }); RouletteTables[tbs].ball = mp.objects.new(87196104, new mp.Vector3( RouletteTablesPos[tbs].x, RouletteTablesPos[tbs].y, RouletteTablesPos[tbs].z)); mp.game.invoke("0x971DA
  18. Moin, Ich habe vor ein paar Tagen angefangen mit RageMP zu entwickeln. Nur leider bin ich gerade auf einem Problem gestoßen. Ist es möglich über client-side eine sql verbindung aufzubauen? und dann querys zu machen?
  19. Edit: I have randomly found a fix. The only way I managed to run the client was on a VM so I then decided to create a new user on my PC and it opened there successfuly. When I then returned to my main windows user and tried to open it here too, all of a sudden it worked. Weird but awsome \ Hope someone will find this helpful for their issue.
  20. I'm assuming it's similar to roulette tables but you have to set the texture variation on the object mp.game.invoke("0x971DA0055324D033", tableObject.handle, 3); // SET_OBJECT_TEXTURE_VARIATION Number 3 is purple for tables
  21. Thank you for your reply. C:/RAGEMP
  22. I had the same issue. Solved when i changed the Game location folder, to default (C:)
  23. Where is your Game installed, on Default drive or other drive ?
  24. Can someone assist, how to make tables not Green, but purple, hope someone have information and could share. How to make same table like on image
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