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  3. How can i encrypt files from client-side in 0.3.7 version?
  4. etader


    Where to contact if plagiarized server names and do not want to change?
  5. wb_junge

    EUP L&O

    Hey everyone, can anyone help me? I wanted to put the clothes from the eup l & o pack on my ragemp server, but I don't know how. can someone explain to me how to do it or whether it is even possible. Thank you in advance. Link: lg
  6. I have created a camera to spectate players and I would like to add that you can move the camera around with your mouse as you normally would. This is my code so far: int camera; public void StartSpectate(object[] args) { Player target = Entities.Players.All.First(p => p.RemoteId == (ushort)Convert.ToUInt32(args[0])); Player.LocalPlayer.FreezePosition(true); camera = RAGE.Game.Cam.CreateCamWithParams("DEFAULT_SCRIPTED_CAMERA", target.Position.X, target.Position.Y, target.Position.Z, 0f, 0f, 0f, 40f, false, 0); RAGE.Game.Cam.SetCamActive(camera, true); RAGE.Game.Cam.RenderScriptCams(true, false, 0, false, true, 0); RAGE.Game.Cam.AttachCamToEntity(camera, target.Handle, 0f, -7.5f, 2.5f, true); RAGE.Game.Cam.PointCamAtEntity(camera, target.Handle, 0f, 0f, 0f, true); RAGE.Game.Entity.AttachEntityToEntity(Player.LocalPlayer.Handle, target.Handle, 0, 0f, 0f, 5f, 0f, 0f, 0f, true, false, false, false, 0, false); } Any ideas?
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  8. There aren't errors, just ignore these messages
  9. I have a problem, i made a Ymap in codewalker and if i put the map on my server it just shows some of the stuff i placed but there are some missing Objects. In Codewalker on the RageMP Server
  10. Try to put ur initial code in setTiemout 0. Like this: setTimeout(async () => { mp.gui.cursor.visible = true; }, 0);
  11. Hello, i wrote a lttle Login and Register Script for my Rage:MP Roleplay Server. Here is a pastebin link: My problem is, when i connected to my server, the cursor is not visible (and then i can't register my account). I can't find a error on my script, can help me anyware? Thanks!
  12. i have a crash with new vehicledata.json, I check .log file and there is no information about crush. help please!) It works with old vehicledata.json (there is no drafter, or sultan2 and others.) But i need new cars! help pls!
  13. Use any database, save vehicle id and id of player For example
  14. Those are the available events, yes. Few of them? I see enough there.
  15. Question, I want to assign transport to the player after the purchase, how do I do this?
  16. All the events listed here, or where can I see them? Client: Server: ps: Why are there so few of them?
  17. check about nametags and add your text or icon thru that u have an example here
  18. When I log into any server the blips never show up anyone able to assist me
  19. Server Script Update (v1.6.17) | Quality of Life Improvements, Map improvements & Bug Fixes | July, 2020 This update improves a lot of areas of the script, fixes a lot of bugs (thanks Jer & Yannick!) and improves our mapping support. Did you miss that we partnered with GAMESENSE? Check it out! Missed Languages, Store Robberies, Vehicle Crusher? Click here! Missed Binoculars? Click here! Missed Drugs & Dark Mode? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.6? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.5? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.4? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.3? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments Improved mapping support (Please submit your maps to us!) Hide pet names in screenshot mode Only do a robbery when the player has a valid weapon, not fists Add blips for stores inside an interior at the entrance position Redone 911 calls, added /cancel911, added blips for 911 calls Fixes 0003398: Doing /nearbyinteriors lists all interiors 0003871: Mask is still broken. 0003860: Change PD's "legs" clothing 0003856: Nightclub interior bugged - 269 0003848: Mission Row "Cells" 0003370: A notification when /addmoney is above the limits 0003088: Make "players" possessive 0002792: No period after automatic /me from /w 0002739: Make admin warning commands red 0003820: Icons in Achievements need to be reversed 0002684: Allow admins to see account names in tab while on duty. 0003146: The ability to rename factions 0003527: Taxi command 0003575: Cash transfer does not log paystubs or money received from jobs 0003855: Generate automatic vehicle plates 0003808: Backpack dissapears when entering/exiting interiors 0003780: Vehicle trunk closes upon moving an item out of (or into) it. 0003779: Unable to merge drugs + ammo 0003759: Lower the range for /c 0003857: Using masks completely changes your skin color to white. 0003662: Faction vehicles - Modifications and useage Allow 1 language to be selected in char creation Fix the credit system for payments being done and recalc on bank payment Disallow helicopters, planes and stuff in the modshop MISC/Admin CMDS allow /setplayerinveh to set player as driver Log stackSize instead of item value /clearnearbytags /setw no longer requires admin duty Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels, Courtez)
  20. Ami también me pasó lo mismo, andaba jugando tranquilamente, cerré todo y al volver a entrar no me deja, y la solución de cambiar el Channel no sirve, que mal que a muchas le suceda eso y no tengan solución.
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  22. bump no matter what i do i have this issue
  23. When you open rage mp servers just do not appear, tell me what the problem is image
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