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  3. As I said before, once Windows 11 is launched officially. It has no sense to 'optimize RAGE' for a private beta version thats isn't even a release candidate.
  4. Hello guys, i've question, owlgaming shared their gamemode last week. How to install this gamemode i don't know about how to install can someone learn to me plz. https://github.com/OwlGamingCommunity/V here is link.
  5. Well, it's just that everything is fine on Windows 11. Problems only in Rage mp When will rage mp be optimized for Windows 11?
  6. I can't access the community channels even though i have clicked the reaction emojis, is something broken?
  7. Well, Windows 11 is not officially out yet so I guess you should go back to Windows 10.
  8. I play on the server in Rage MP, and after installing Windows 11 - it started: people twitch, teleport. What to do about it? There are no such problems in GTA online
  9. Last week
  10. your config file I can only assume has a bad configuration to do with bind or anything network related
  11. I don't think so, maybe someone will need to contact one of the scripters for some insight.
  12. Hello i have problem with RAGE:MP server on my vps [Pterodactyl Daemon]: Checking server disk space usage, this could take a few seconds... [Pterodactyl Daemon]: Updating process configuration files... [Pterodactyl Daemon]: Ensuring file permissions are set correctly, this could take a few seconds... [email protected]~ Server marked as starting... [Pterodactyl Daemon]: Pulling Docker container image, this could take a few minutes to complete... Pulling from parkervcp/pterodactyl-images Digest: sha256:59f4ac7277eb5b1866ca1c963ce93a1ddc05d770f69404b02a96add105eb0923 Status: Image is up to date for quay.io/parkervcp/pterodactyl-images:debian_dotnet [Pterodactyl Daemon]: Finished pulling Docker container image :/home/container$ ./ragemp-server [INFO] Starting RAGE Multiplayer server... [============================================================] || || MaxPlayers 50 || Sync rate 40ms || Name Gamenation.eu RAGE:MP Unofficial server || Gamemode freeroam || Streaming distance 500 || Announcement disabled || Voice chat disabled || Address || Connection limits disabled || Encryption enabled || NodeJS enabled || C# disabled || [============================================================] sh: 1: vmstat: not found [INFO] Loading NodeJS packages... [INFO] Starting packages... [DONE] Server packages have been started. [DONE] Started resource transfer server at 22006 port. [DONE] Client-side packages weight: 0.000000 MB (uncompressed: 0.000000 MB). [INFO] Initializing networking... [ERROR] Networking failed to start. Terminating.. [email protected]~ Server marked as offline...
  13. Can someone help me? I have a crash problem when I pass in one zone of the map (view image) in one of the circles Rage crash with no error http://i.prntscr.com/d_VXfoA_R6GVGiGRA6xPYg.png
  14. Hola Varilla! Sorprendente volver a leer tu nombre! Recién revisé la base de datos de Pawnoscripting para recordar los viejos tiempos! Muy buenos recuerdos! Saludos!
  15. oracle is what spawns by default if no vehicle was found with that name/hash. Either mod isn't in properly or you aren't writing the corrent name/hash.
  16. As the title says, my game is crashing in the crash zone. I have tried the instructions listed in the fixes thread but I have had no sucess. What I have done is delete my profiles from my rockstar folder and run RageMP, I have also put RageMP into my antivirus exclusions and I have reinstalled both GTA V and RageMP fully. It always crashes in this zone no matter what, either when I am going in or when I'm going out. I really need help with this issue as it is making the game unplayable.
  17. I opened discord and it did not appear that I was a member of the ragemp server, when I tried to enter, it asked me to verify my phone, while I was doing it, it kicked me from the server and when I try to enter it does not let me, giving an error. My username is marzst#0773
  18. Unfortunately that is not a proper fix, though. That would cause extreme unnecessary memory and processing usage if you have a lot of players and vehicles. I don't understand why this bug has been present for years without even so much as being acknowledged by the development team. It's a pretty big issue for a lot of servers. I don't know of a single other multiplayer mod for GTA that has this problem.
  19. so I just downloaded GTA V and thought I will play Rage MP I installed rage mp then I selected some random server then it told me to update my GTA V to some version ,I also did that but then when I thought it should now start working It just start story mode when I try to join any server so pls help!
  20. Something's wrong in your conf.json and I wouldn't recommend using a preconfigured gameserver, better hire some vps.
  21. Sadly, you have to do a global timer that loops through all spawned vehicles 😕
  22. Hi. When i wanted to start my server from Zap-Hosting, i got this error: The gameserver stopped unexpectedly.Latest log entries:Error from reader: * Line 12, Column 3Missing ',' or '}' in object declaration* Line 12, Column 3Missing ',' or '}' in object declaration Does anybody know how to fix this issue? If yes then please let me know. Thanks.
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