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  3. Lockhart

    I am banned.

    Hello! There was such a problem, I stood AFK and my server is closed and Rage MP writes that I am banned. How can I fix it https://imgur.com/a/yAyyRtj
  4. Lockhart

    I am banned.

    Hello! There was such a problem, I stood AFK and my server is closed and Rage MP writes that I am banned. How can I fix it https://imgur.com/a/yAyyRtj
  5. Nos mudamos aquí todo el staff: https://discord.gg/nsyWYpu9
  6. Yesterday
  7. only way I've found to freeze a play via server side only is with animations for example: target.playAnimation('mp_arresting', 'idle', 1, 49)
  8. We use VueJS. We use RPC calls for example: on the vue startDrivingTest: function () { this.$rpc.callServer("drivingSchool:startDrivingTest") }, Server Side: rpc.register("drivingSchool:startDrivingTest", (_, { player }) => { } Good luck,
  9. Hello, I have a problem with texturing my mlo interior. The walls and the ceiling begin to do weird color effects when I'm some steps away from it. Near the character everything shows correct. Has anyone an idea how this could be fixed? Thanks in advance SteveDee
  10. 074

    Weapon Animation

    Hello I have had the problem for a long time that I can not find how to take out the weapon change animation. I would be happy about help, thanks im ahead
  11. Last week
  12. El equipo administrativo se complace en anunciar, que hoy iniciamos formalmente el proyecto Immersive Life Roleplay bajo la modalidad de “rol escrito”, formato poco visto en servidores de GTAV en español. Nuestra comunidad busca miembros que deseen una experiencia diferente a las ofrecidas en la mayoría de otros servidores, esta se logrará mediante la comunicación escrita, función que genera más interpretación del personaje como inmersión y respeto por el rol ajeno. La GM que desarrolla el equipo técnico es básica pero única, buscamos la optimización absoluta en la plataforma RAGEMP,
  13. Hello guys, I need help. I try to edit handilng for DLC cars(mod cars for server) that I put in server but when I change it it doesnt effect in game. I try to edit just like in folder and I saved it. Do you know how else it can be done or more precisely?
  14. What is wrong with freezing player client side? Just make a check if player is in vehicle and then freeze vehicle too.
  15. Create rectangle col shape, when player enters shape call event and disable shooting, on exit call event to enable. Colshape::shapeType - RAGE Multiplayer Wiki
  16. @EternalFreshI am also experiencing same problem..my GTAV version is 1.54 ...I have cracked version..and i installed rage multiplayer..is there anything that could help me??
  17. I have the same problem scince 1 month, sorry that i cant help you.
  18. Ich habe diese Fehlermeldung jetzt schon seit längerem ich hoffe mir kann dabei einer helfen. https://prnt.sc/12z30dg
  19. GALAXY LABS - DESARROLLO DE SOFTWARE En Galaxy Labs no solo creamos sistemas completos, también creamos Gamemodes específicas para cada cliente, además somos una comunidad enfocada en la jugabilidad de los servidores, sea cual sea el idioma de tu preferencia, nuestros servicios en RAGE MP no se limitan al tema técnico ya que también somos jugadores experimentados de roleplay, por ello nuestros servicios tienen un valor agregado por las asesoría que te daremos para optimizar al máximo el uso de tus recursos y estética en tu proyecto, siendo el tiempo uno de tus mayores bienes.
  20. Everytime that i try to open my RageMP and join a server it opens my normal GTA V and it leads my to the landing page(where u can choose to go online or story mode). Can someone help me please!!??
  21. so i just started rage mp and i started the rage and clicked on a random server my gta online version is 1.54 and whenever the gta 5 starts it goes to story mode and the launcher just says establishing connection and it wont do anything else can someone help me if u dont understand of my problem comment your discord and please help me.
  22. P.S. Freeze player clientside and trigger event or do nothing
  23. Hello! I own GTA 5 on Epic Games and Rockstar Launcher seperately. I installed it via Rockstar Launcher, but when I try to connect a server, RageMP launches EpicGames, I think RageMP wants to launch the game via Epic Games, but I installed it with Rockstar launcher. Please help!
  24. I want to prevent people from shooting when the player is inside a perimeter/boundaries. When it comes to the shooting part, it's easy to prevent with Player::disableFiring. However, I'm unsure as to how I would set boundaries and check the player's position relatively to the set boundaries. Any help would be appreciated!
  25. Hey, i've been playing rage multiplayer quite alright for too long and now it keeps recconecting to me too every 10 minute i connect to the server. can you tell me exactly which processing softwares i need to end from task manager? cuz i got no msi afterburn.
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