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  4. Oh - Oky hatte es wie gesagt nicht verfolgt was das Thema Zap-Hosting angeht
  5. My tutorial doesn't assume you're brand new to RAGE:MP or NodeJS and it shouldn't because as any new person, you should become familiar with the server environment and learn how it's structured. Feel free to make another tutorial though.
  6. Hey. Ich hab ab und zu mal solche Bugs, dass ich nicht den Chat öffnen kann. Ich bitte um Hilfe.
  7. But how the vpn will help ? (and where to run it (on the erver computer or on the clint side ?)) thx for the help anyway !
  8. Si vale para el GTAV, vale para RAGE.
  9. Server Script Update (v1.2) | Tattoos | March, 2020 This update adds in tattoos! Visit a tattoo artist for some sweet body artwork today! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments Added tattoos You can find tattoo parlors in Paleto and Los Santos. Watch the tutorial or look for a 'T' on the map NOTE: If your character was created prior to OwlV 1.0, you will be given a token on spawn for a one time free visit to the Tattoo Artist. After which it costs $25 per tattoo. Added tattoo tutorial steps Fixes 0003504: Watch item displays the wrong time
  10. @Xabi Your Suggestion didn't work, any other ideas?
  11. I am new to these languages. I wanted to make a Drift server, with custom vehicles. To play some friends. I found the code searching the forum, but I don't know how to make it work.
  12. Oh my god I made it! There needs to be a better tutorial actually. Maybe I will do it.
  13. does the interior of the burger shot work in ragemp?
  14. Alguien sabe si el interior del burger shot sirve para ragemp?
  15. GtaV RolePlay Skript Gesucht. Servus meine Lieben ich suche seit längerem Zeitraum ein BasisSkript für GtaV Roleplay leider ist es sehr schwer etwas zu finden, Es muss nicht viel haben bzw keine extra wirklich nur die Basis. Leider wurde ich vor nicht so langer zeit von einem Anderen User Abgezogen deswegen bin ich jetzt auch sehr vorsichtig. Nun werde ich euch Wissen lassen was das Basic Slript für Das Rp Projekt am besten haben sollte. 1.Log in / Email Verifizierung 2.Telefon 3. Animationen 4. Garagen 5. Shops/Einkaufen 6. Kleidungsladen 7.Cars Auf und zu machen / Tanken Kmh Anzeige / Kofferaum das sollte es eig auch schon gewesen sein einfach eine Basic auf der man aufbauen kann. Die Zahlung über die kann man sich gern Unterhalten im Discord ☆™Malino ™☆#7023 Würde mich über Angebote freuen . MFG Marco
  16. I guess you'll need another link before starting using resources, you're missing the basic knowledge:
  17. Is there any detailed tutorial on this out there?
  18. See how I solved the problem: - Added the following files to the Firewall exception: ragemp_v and update outgoing and incoming connections. - Added the same files, the RAGEMP folder, and the GTA 5 folder to the antivirus exception. - Excluded the inclusion of the MSI afterburner overlay, because it does not allow loading.
  19. also bei mir läuft es aber was nicht geht ist das Registrieren aber login und so geht bei mit bei Zap Hosting
  20. Tell him to delete GTA5.exe and verify the cache again.
  21. Yes I see now, but why is there no extra step in the guide?
  22. I have been trying to get my longtime friend on mcrp, but after the tiny update yesturday gta had he cant launch any servers from ragemp, he has tried to reinstall the game, reinstalled the launcher like 4 different times with me watching and guiding him but to no avail. The error message that comes up says that is game is outdated and needs to be on 1.50.1 or smth like that, he has tried installing ragemp on different drives too, verifying the game cache too. Changing the gta directory and nearly everything, any suggestions?
  23. Ok, don't you see that some of those folders have the same name? That should be a clue to fix your error in the structure.
  24. Yes I see. I did follow every step I guess. This is the content of the ragemap-mysql folder: This is the content of my server-files folder: Maybe I need to split up the folder content of ragemp-mysql into the server-files folders?!
  25. You're not loading any package, are you sure you followed the guide step by step?
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