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  2. Kazy

    Looking for Devs

    Looking for a Developer to help start our RP server. I have had plenty of experience running servers on various games and I'm currently in progress of opening up a roleplay server on Rage. We have 2 developers at the moment and are looking to build our team. Please DM me your discord if interested.
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  4. Hello there :) i've got more than 4 months on FiveM servers but i do feel ragemp is somehow better, but can't find a decent EU real life cars server in ragemp, do they exists?:)
  5. funktioniert es bei dir ich weiß nicht wie ich es hinzufügen kann könntest du mir die Datei zum download hochladen ? Wäre echt sehr nett
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  7. Guest

    [Perfect for RP Servers]

    not working in 1.0, others players just see you running
  8. Server Script Update (v1.3a) | New PayDay + World/Business Blips! | April, 2020 This update adds in a new pay day system as well as world/business blips. Missed OwlV 1.3? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments New pay day system Pay days no longer show / spam in the chatbox, instead the player receives a notification and can then use /ShowPayDay to see a more detailed overview Added world / business blips This allows blips to be created in real time for RP hotspots and/or businesses/points of interest (e.g. Pink Swan) to allow them to be more easily found by players Contact a member of the UAT / make a report to have your blip request reviewed
  9. Server Script Update (v1.3) | New Barber & More | April, 2020 This update adds in a new barber shop with extra functionality! and more! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments Added new Barber Shop You can find barber shops in Paleto and Los Santos. Look for a scissors icon on the map Barber shop will let you change: Head hair styles, colors and highlights Chest hair styles, colors, highlights and opacity Facial hair styles, colors, highlights and opacity NOTE: If your character was created prior to OwlV 1.0, you will be given a token on spawn for a one time free visit to the Barber. After which, in-game currency costs will be applied based on the changes made. Added automated advertisements for taxi drivers Added /togplate for admins This command lets you hide your vehicle plate, to RP having a covered/removed license plate. Command is admin only to avoid abuse Make an admin report (F2) to have your RP / request reviewed. Refreshed the player list
  10. ja percebi, estava a ler errado, estava a indicar o local do rage e não o do gta, obg por avisar
  11. Hat’s jemand zum laufen gebracht ?
  12. Você está selecionando o local de instalação do GTA V corretamente? É dentro do steamapps se o seu GTA V for pela steam. Lembrando que o Rage só funciona com versões originais do game
  13. Du musst unter Carshops die Html Datei und die .js datei bearbeiten
  14. MrPancakers

    Mysql no result

    Go and do console.log(`Res: ${res}`) inside your connect method and you'll see why.
  15. I would like to Record some Cinemtics with a friend and edit it in the Rockstar Editor. So I want to host my own server, have them Join and Play around. Now the Question is, can I somehow get the Rockstar Editor enabled? I saw some entrys from 2018 telling me to enable client-side API but it would crash. However I didn't find any settings and as by default I already use client-side packages. I don't know if client-Side api is something else. But if it is possible to enable the Rockstar Editor can someone tell me how to do it? On a sidenote, is it possible to use Trainers like Menyoo or do I need to script all that functionality by myself if I want to use it in RageMP?
  16. Hallo ich hätte da mal eine frage zwecks autos in den shop hinzufügen. ich kann meine autos mit /tveh spawnen und in die datenbank hinzufügen und wenn ich jetzt im carhop stehe sehe ich auch mein auto da stehen nur bei dem menschen da kann ich das auto nicht kaufen. wenn ich auf dem button kaufen klicke passiert nichts es wird mir auch keine fehlermeldung angezeigt in der server konsole. vielleicht hat das ja schon mal jemand hinbekommen. Edit: ich meine das autohaus stein mfg
  17. R1Z

    Mysql no result

    Oh damn didnt notice that sorry. But still it wont do anything. After i typed the command it just does nothing no error, no gun nothing in the console. If i remove the "Throw err" it says no access.
  18. Sagt mal haben die Leute eigl den Beitrag gelesen?
  19. Können Fraktionleader inviten und kicken ? Können invite rechte an weitere Fraktionsleader weitergegeben werden?, z.B Rang 10 der Polizei der für Einstellungen zuständig ist, kann leute einladen und schmeißen nur nicht den Frak Leader
  20. #Update - Chars haben nun Klamotten & Aussehen. - Einfaches UCP zum registrieren hinzugefügt (Kein vollständiges UCP nur als Vorlage. Registrieren funktioniert aber es wird kein Charakter erstellt das müsst ihr machen :P)
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  22. MrPancakers

    Mysql no result

    You wrote it correct in this thread but in your script you did something else? Why did you write "res => 1" But in this thread you wrote "value == 1" which is correct
  23. We aren't the server you play on, go to their community forums and talk to them
  24. Hello guys, i have a question im searching since long time, for a system to close and open doors, for javascript but cant find anything like a simple exampler , and im doin the drawText dosnt work can somone explain better ? sry for my bad English
  25. Uno87

    Simple MoneyHUD

  26. My motorcycle will just randomly turn on and I have a grand from this am I able to get the money refunded
  27. Bonjour, on est une équipe de six anciens roleplayeur SAMP, on a également jouer à gta World. On a remarqué qu'il y'avait aucun serveur écrit français sur RAGE, c'est donc pour celà qu'on décide d'ouvrir notre propre serveur. Recherche développeur qualifié.
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