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About This File

I Fixed the Easy Blip Creator. Because of a change in RageMP Wiki, the script could no longer load the images. to see here. I fixed this to see here. Everything should now work normally again with this script


original version & creator of this script:


const KEYs = {
    OPEN_CREATOR: 48/* ' */,
    BIND1: 49/* 1 */,
    BIND2: 50/* 2 */,

The values 48, 49, 50 are Dezimal not Hexadezimal.

For Hexadezimal values:


To convert into Dezimal:


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· Edited by MyNameIsJeff

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Great script!

The colors weren't properly showing up on the chat GUI, so I edited line 27 & 41 on the client side and line 16 on the server side to push through the graphics API with color coordination.
In case anybody wants, here's the code. :)


/* 27 */        mp.game.graphics.notify(`~y~~h~Blip Creator~h~ ~g~activated! ~w~Press the hotkey to open menu.`);
/* 41 */        mp.game.graphics.notify('~y~~h~Blip Creator~h~ ~r~deactivated!');

/* 16 */		player.notify('~y~~h~Blip Creator~h~ ~w~editor menu opening. Please Wait...');


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Thank you m8

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· Edited by Vujukas

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The images still dont load...

Edit: thanks it works, looks like i have the wrong version, sorry

Response from the author:

Can´t reproduce error with my version. see here.

Please Check that you have my version Installed. When you have and have still no images look in "client_packages\BlipCreator\CEF\index.html" here look at line 20,25 & 86 and check the links. The links shoud look linke this or this. When you have checkt that look in the file "client_packages\BlipCreator\CEF\data.js" the path shoud look like this. When you have checked all this and still not work then it should be up to you.


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