Simply Registered - Flatfile Command Based Login - LiteDB 0.0.1

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About This File

What is it for?

Most servers are going to only need a flat file database. LiteDB is extremely easy to use and you can pretty much modify the code within as I've added the source. It adds a simple login system to your server.

If you're not registered the server will ask you to register. If you are registered the server will ask you to log in.

Your username is the name of your account.


/login <password>

/register <password>




Programming it:

You'll probably want to add all of the .cs files into your solution.

Account is where you can store various player properties.

You'll have to disect how to add additional tables but it's extremely easy. Either check out the LiteDB Documentation or copy cat my "accounts" table.



Idk message me on Discord. I don't know if this is fully working and it needs to be tested.

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