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devblog RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.2 RC-1-3

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Today, shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto V's Doomsday Heists update, we're rolling out an update "RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.2 RC-1-3" with the latest game patch support, including (bug)fixes and new features.



  • Added support of GTA V 1.42 patch (1.41 is also supported as an alternative in case of "unexpected" issues related to the update)
  • Fixed incorrect nametag scaling



  • Implemented Delorean "Deluxo" synchronisation
  • Fixed vehicles floating
  • Fixed networking issues that caused aiming animation to be inaccurate
  • Fixed #160
  • Fixed #161
  • Fixed #150
  • Fixed #155
  • Fixed #156
  • General platform stability improvements


You should run the updater to download RAGE Multiplayer RC-1-3. Server update is necessary.

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1.41 have a problem, client not connect to server after spawn "default" character, if version mismatch. 

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