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Successful applicants will receive a couple of tasks each week, dependent on the complexity and agreed upon deadlines.


Tasks will be explained clearly and concisely to eliminate any confusion, larger tasks will involve a small meeting to discuss the scope of work in depth and address any concerns or queries successful applicants may have.


A deadline and price will be agreed upon by both parties, neither of which can be altered without consent from both parties.



  1. Producing scalable unit tested code.

  2. Maintaining a high standard of code, this includes swift resolution of bugs and/or other issues. Implementing additional features upon request.

  3. Ability to work closely with other developers



  1. HTML and CSS

  2. Experience with JavaScript.

  3. Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases

  4. Prior experience working with RageMP codebases



  • Experience in developing scripts/plugins for GTA RageMP

  • Experience in web development



  • Logical and abstract thinking

  • Good Grammar

  • Good communication skills

  • Familiarity with Kanban boards and/or issue tracking.

  • Open Minded

  • Straight Forward



We will request a unit of work, you will quote us for the work and rough time to completion, we will agree upon a deadline for the task to be completed.


Upon demonstration that the software functions within the scope of work, you will be paid via PayPal Goods and Services. 


Payments will not be adjusted to account for any fees PayPal may require to complete the transaction.


All quotes presented should account for any necessary changes including but not limited to fixing bugs and testing before deployment to production network. 


You are expected to maintain the software to a high standard, additional payments will only be made for changes requested outside the original scope of work. 



Feel free to contact me on Discord at Donald#0001. We can discuss any questions and concerns you may have! Please have a portfolio ready to present so we can review your skills and see if you are a right fit for the team!

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