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TypeError: setExtraColours: pearlescentColor is not an Integer


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Hello everybody, since the new RageMP update (GTA Online: Tuners) i get an Error everytime im near to a vehicle. Ive never had problems with that, it just worked before the update came. Somebody know whats wrong with this?


My code: (just ignore engine and silent sync)

mp.events.add("entityStreamIn", (entity) => {
    if (entity.type === "vehicle") {
        mp.game.streaming.requestCollisionAtCoord(entity.position.x, entity.position.y, entity.position.z);
        mp.game.streaming.requestAdditionalCollisionAtCoord(entity.position.x, entity.position.y, entity.position.z);


        //Pearlescent Tuning
        if (entity.getVariable("pearlColor")) {
          entity.setExtraColours(parseInt(entity.getVariable("pearlColor")), parseInt(entity.wheelColor));

        //Sync Silent
        if (entity.getVariable("isSilent") === true){
        } else {

        //Engine Sync
        if (entity.getVariable("isEngineRunning") === true){
            entity.setEngineOn(true, true, false);
        } else {
            entity.setEngineOn(false, true, false);

mp.events.add("updatePearlForVehicle", (vehicle, wheelColor, pearlColor) => {
    if (vehicle !== undefined){
        vehicle.setExtraColours(parseInt(pearlColor), parseInt(wheelColor));
    } else {
        mp.game.graphics.notify("Client hat undifined vehicle");


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