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Los Santos Cops and Robbers - Open Beta Soon

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 Welcome to Los Santos Cops And Robbers (LSCNR), a RAGE:MP server. Our server is running a custom made Cops And Robbers gamemode, a mix between Roleplay, Team Death Match and Gang Wars. Our server is constantly being updated, features are being balanced and new features are being added. - Do you enjoy chasing criminals and fighting against crime in a big city of Los Santos or do you enjoy causing chaos, stealing high end vehicles, robbing stores & banks and capturing city territory from other factions? You can pick a side you prefer and switch roles at any time! No need to gain reputation in the other team and wait for them to finally let you in like it is a common case in Roleplay. If you prefer to roleplay, you are protected by anti-deatmatch rules and if you prefer fighting other players you may join a faction and enjoy endless faction wars for city territory!


The history of Los Santos Cops And Robbers started with the opening of CODE5 Los Santos Cops And Robbers in San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP). It was created by Source around 2010 and was acquired to be under COD5 (later code5gaming) by ExoSanty. Over the years the server had its ups and downs, many developers worked on the server and the code became messy and unmaintainable which lead to less frequent updates and its demise.



 Los Santos Cops And Robbers Revival project began on August 16th 2021, when Fl1k decided to revive the server on a different platform and on a different game. The Revival project will create a nostalgic experience to those who played Los Santos Cops And Robbers on SAMP and a new adventurous experience for those who never played it before. The Revival project will also return glory the server lscnr had before all the bad decisions and drama started in the SAMP community. Frequent updates and extreme staff team transparency will be what defines the new LSCNR community.



LSCNR can be played in two ways at the same time, fast paced action and slow paced economy. Both ways carry their pros and cons. First you decide which team you'll play in. There are 3 teams: 1) Criminal (Commits crimes around the city to earn money) 2) Police (Chases and arrests / kills criminals) 3) Paramedic (The middleman class, performs tasks around the city to improve its quality and assists both sides upon injury) - Criminals have multiple ways of earning money: selling stolen vehicles, robbing stores, robbing houses, robbing other players, robbing banks, performing in faction activities and more. - Police can earn money by: ticketing low wanted players, arresting wanted players, killing highly wanted players, stopping faction activities and more. - Paramedic's main task is healing injured players and doing misc tasks around the city. - With the money earned, you can buy properties, cars, special vehicles, bigger guns and much more! Those properties can later earn passive income and be upgraded for many fun missions!




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