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Welcome everyone!


As far as you have probably notified, it has been a couple of weeks since last RC of 0.3.2 RC-2 has been released, and we're releasing next major update today. Meet RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.3!




Yes, today we're introducing the feature you've been asking since the development was initiated! As matter of fact we'll keep enhancing this feature (just imagine that engine APIs you would have at some point!), as for 0.3.3 you have already got support of custom downloadable DLC packages hosted by the server. There are no 3rd-party dependencies like OpenIV or anything else, just as always.





Not that great updates (great still)

  • Raycasting and some other miscellaneous clientside functions were fixed
  • Fixed game pausing on alt+tabbing
  • Remote triggers were optimized greatly. By the way feel free to use ReallyLongEventNamesWithoutAnyOverheadNow!
  • Server event system performance has been improved
  • World limits have been adjusted
  • Added clientside colshape creation functions and API to control player weapons
  • Lots of miscellaneous fixes and improvements




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To use server-sided mods feature you have to encrypt rpf archives proper way, you probably could use "Affix" to do that.


As an example, we have some "fixed" resources for you:

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