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How to Enable CEF Debugging

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Inside your server folder, open config.json and add the following line

"allow-cef-debugging": true

Now head to your registry (Windows Key + R ) and type regedit and hit enter. Head to the following path:


Once you're there, right click and Go New > String Value and put "launch.cefPort" as the name and Hit Enter, then right click and hit Modify and set the data to the port you'd like to use (9222 for example) and it should look the same as below


Now head to your browser using the following: http://localhost:9222/ or whatever port you had entered to enable it.

You'll need to quit Rage and open it back up if you enabled this while in game, and make sure you restart your server when you change the setting.

Credits to @kemperrr as I used his post on Discord to make this up.

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12 hours ago, dtg said:

Localhost rejected our connection request.

Not sure why, might need more info to help.

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Hi. When you open the browser in devTools, it hangs in the chrome and in the game. If you don't open it in chrome, then everything works fine. Previously, this was not.

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Posted (edited)

Is there a way to enable this via remote linux server?

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm stupid. For anyone wondering you just connect to a server with allow-cef-debugging set to true and go to localhost:9222 in your local browser. This is with the script kemperrr provided.

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