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devblog 10.10: Bikers DLC, major API improvements and more

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General changes:

  • Major refactoring of server-side scripting
  • Synchronization-related stuff was moved to its own thread so it's independent of scripting thread (yeah, feel free to have while(true))
  • Latest game patch support
  • Client-side scripting. We've finally started development of client-side scripting so we've implemented basic game stuff that includes more than 150 functions! Also we will implement much more functions (including CEF-related functions) in the near future! Client-side scripting still needs major improvements to be ready, but we've just started!
  • Security-related improvements
  • Fixed onfoot sync lag caused by some optimizations


API changes (we're working on adding them to the wiki):

  • New globals: mp.vehicles, mp.objects, mp.pickups (they have the same functions as mp.players have)
  • New classes (server-side): Vehicle, Object, Pickup (their functions and properties are not described here)
  • New functions: mp.joaat, Player::spawn, Player::giveWeapon
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On 10.10.2016 at 7:25 PM, ragempdev said:

more than 150 functions

That seems to be very interesting

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