Looking for scripting and developer individuals for a server.

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Hey there,

If this isn't allowed forgive me. But I'm not very tech-savy, but use to manage a variety of servers on SA-MP based on things such as mini games, alternative modes, free roaming, and so forth. I do not specialize in roleplay servers, neither do I plan on creating one - I play one and support one already. 

I have a specific server that needs to be made (specifically the scripting aspect) and would like to have it released as soon as possible on the Rage client. Not a fan of anything other so far, and seeing how I can use your client/servers without crashing or feeling like I'm running four games at once: I'm certain I've found my game server mod/provider.

If you have extensive experience in scripting and/or managing GTA 5 servers, specifically on Rage (or other mods), I'd happily like you to reach out to me for a project invitation. In addition, the one project will lead to multiple (or other servers). The project is not a "pay per hour" or "salary" based position; but more like a volunteer position that will receive compensation when it's required (and the ability is there), but will be there. Lastly, as a script-or-developer you will be credited for all your work.

Community based servers. Player range can go from 20 to 200 at one time. Scripts need to be command based, offer variety, and allow certain game modes to be played out within the map. And to note one last time, this is not a roleplay project. 

You can PM me here for more information about the project, but please include any experience you might have with servers, scripting, and/or dealing with other current (or past) servers for reference.

Cheers to the Rage team for providing a quality client, I'm more than happy to support you guys in anyway needed. 

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