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*Puts on a very stereotypical American salesman voice*

Hey, you there... Yes you! Listen up. Do you love to role-play and live out your wildest fantasies? Are you a true fan of playing in large communities with robust scripts and great moments to be lived? But do you also hate laggy servers with toxic players? Well... uhm... so did we. And thus, Nova Five Gaming was created!


Nova Five Gaming is a freshly founded community of players with many years of combined experience in all kinds of gaming related communities. This new group of lighthearted people was created to offer all those alike a place to enjoy their favorite games and genres. At Nova Five, everyone gets a clean sheet and a fresh start. No prejudice, no passive aggressive behavior and no ill intents. We are truly a  group of friendly players who play games together to enjoy our free time. As it should be.


Our GTA V text-based roleplay server is based on RAGE MP’s client and has been scripted from scratch by owner and founder, Razzkulz. We offer a high quality, realistic role-play experience within the lands of San Andreas. Whether you play as a business owner, a police officer or a thriving thug, every and all appropiate role-play is welcome and encouraged.


GTA V role-play has come, and is known for, many technical difficulties. From lagging to instable clients, it has always been a thorn in the eyes of role-players who had their experiences belittled by such flaws. Luckily, RAGE MP has continiously shown to be the top reign when it comes to clients for GTA V multiplayer. For both players and developers, this client offers a very smooth and enjoyable experience.


A role-play server without a script would be a movie without dialog, plain and dull. Unless, you’re a super talented director of course. But that’s besides the point. Owner and founder, Razzkulz, has dedicated many hours to build his script from scratch and include various intuitive and never-before seen features. Nova Five Roleplay offers a truly unique experience that will hopefully increase your enjoyment when it comes to role-playing!


Our custom CEF chat:



A variety of clothing:



Even more sexy CEF menu's:



And also this super attractive log-in screen:



And there's many more things to show but I am not so great at getting GIF's in here and Razzkulz also updates and evolves most of the features like weekly. Yes. He's a beast. So you'd best come check it out yourself on the server or by joining our Discord for frequent updates!


Website | Forums | Discord | Steam | TeamSpeak

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It truly looks astonishing, best of luck to you all! I'm really diggin your login screen, good way of keeping everyone up to speed on the latest news.

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