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Hiring UCP Web Developer (Freelanced)


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To keep it short and clear, I've been looking for a UCP Developer for a while. I had one, but he's gone MIA and barely started.


Offering to hire a freelanced web developer capable of producing a full (and customized) modern User Control Panel for a GTA5 Game Server hosted on RAGEMP. Those with experience will be granted more leisure, but if you can provide proof of work I don't see how that can't effect anything. Pay rate depends on experience/productivity.

Pay rate can range (and/or start) from $50 to $300 USD a week. Potentially leads to a full-time (or freelanced) position with actual pay statements. 
Currently have roughly 3 people hired. Preference of pay is usually Paypal, but can do any type. 

If this interests you we require the individual to start immediately. Send me a PM with a way to contact you and/or a form of previous work to get started.


Private project. 

Open to hiring 1-2 Server-side Developers as well. 

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