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d3dx9    45

Client Binaries (Launcher)

Please notice you need the hotfix to play.

Hotfix #3


Create a new folder on any place for example on the desktop, unzip the client binaries for the needed version and overwrite the existing files with the hotfix #2.

Start the client with launcher.exe

Server Binaries

For appearing in the serverlist you need to add "announce": true to the conf.json

Changelogs will be added to this post.

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d3dx9    45

Hi folks ! Today we are proudly releasing our final hotfix for first public beta release.

Changelog - Hotfix #3

  • Fixed error on start (ERR_NO_LAUNCHER)
  • Launcher closes properly
  • Fixed blip sprite changing
  • Fire trucks were disabled
  • Model streaming became idiot-proof (most of crashes were caused by guys who set player's model to vehicle model)
  • Fixed model/clothes/prop unsync that was caused by serverside streamer
  • Climbing sync was fixed (that bug caused by latest game update)
  • Fixed disconnect message
  • Overall stability improvements


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