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Post Apocalyptic Roleplay is currently under the early stages of development. We are looking forward to bringing a unique roleplay environment to Rage and Grand Theft Auto. We are accepting suggestions and ideas for what you would like and also have a lot planned out that we are working on implementing. We are going to be basing this on a pre-virus event and are in the final stages of finishing our backstory. This will allow us to share more information with you on what we aim to achieve and bring to you. For now, I shall leave a image of the prison.






Planned Features


Please note, our Forums, Website and Script are still under construction.

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On 7/6/2018 at 12:08 PM, HyperStyledMouse said:

What makes this different from things like dayz and fallout that have multiplayer involved already? What's your scripting ideas for this? 

Sorry I was meant to reply a few days ago. A lot of games are based around Zombies or another devastating incident that changes the world. We are using a virus incident. We are using the GTA HD Universe as a setting as there is a lot different landscapes to use. 

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Open minded staff. Always caring about the user experience and having open discussions about the future journey in the server, and trying to make things balanced as much as possible to bargain between all kind of people...
Wish you luck with the server.

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