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How round player position?

Recommended Posts'gp', (player) => {    
player.outputChatBox("Pozycja: " + player.position);

My English is not very well, sorry.
Today I started JS learning with RageMP. I made some easy scripts similar to examples. One of my first problems are this in top of the post. How can I round player.position?
It's problem for me cause player.position have 3 values - X, Y and Z.

In lua (MTA) it was easier for me. 

local X, Y, Z = getPlayerPosition
print(X, Y, Z)


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function Round(n, k) 
    var factor = Math.pow(10, k+1);
    n = Math.round(Math.round(n*factor)/10);
    return n/(factor/10);
}'gp', (player) => {
	const pozaX = player.position.x;
	const pozaY = player.position.y;
	const pozaZ = player.position.z;
	player.outputChatBox("X: " +Round(pozaX,3));
	player.outputChatBox("Y: " +Round(pozaY,3));
	player.outputChatBox("Z: " +Round(pozaZ,3));


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