Domino 2.0 - Hardcap Immutable Economy Plugin

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Remember when there were administrators out there printing money and inflating roleplay server economies? I sure do. fucking ngg.

Domino is a solution to economics for any server that plans on using money. If they want a realistic blockchain based economy. THIS IS IT.

This is the one stop solution to tell other people who have access to your database to go away. Because each and every transaction is backed by the previous transaction and it's completely untouchable. Once one transaction is off by a single letter, number, amount, etc. The entire economy breaks.

This relieves the potential issue of a security breach on the server by allowing users to easily implement and run an economy that doesn't need admin access.

What does this do? Economics:


What is Blockchain?

The short answer is Bitcoin. The long answer is a a video.

Where can I obtain this / watch progress?

If you plan on implementing this into your server. You may want to speak to me on Discord about the potential issues in the future before committing to it.

I do not recommend using this plugin until the .DLL version is released with all potential bugs ironed out.

Use this if you just want to test it out and see how it works.

But seriously contact me on Discord if you want to use this for real.

How Do I Use this for References?

Download the source. Compile it / Build it.

You should have a .dll file.

Create a new project and initialize it.

In your meta add:

<script src="assembly/DominoBlockchain.dll" />
<assembly ref="assembly/DominoBlockchain.dll" />
<assembly ref="assembly/LiteDB.dll" />
<assembly ref="assembly/EasyEncryption.dll" />

Right-click your Project in visual studio and add DominoBlockchain as a reference.

You'll be able to use the references from that point forward.


I haven't used this for references yet. Let me know how it goes. I'll work on cleaning up the rest. :)

What are the benefits?

  • Immutable
  • Money Hard Cap
  • Player Money Separate from Traditional Database Shared by Admins
  • Flatfile for Localized Database
  • Offline Transactions
  • Inflation is entirely Player Controlled not Admin Controlled

What are the cons?

  • Immutable
  • Transactions may take up to a minute if the transaction is difficult to mine.
  • Flatfile Size will be HUGE when you reach over 500,000 transactions.
  • Currently do not know the limitations on how big the database can be. Could be close to 2TB when full.
  • Transaction Limit: 2,147,483,647

What needs to be done:

  • Multiple Blockchain Database Files
  • Verification of Last 1,000 Transactions vs ALL Transactions.
  • Full Verification Check on Startup Only
  • Change Player Names to Lowercase to prevent typecase mixups.
  • Allow Players to use a PinCode system for Any Amount of Bank Accounts
  • Auto Prune Old Account Transactions Back into Server Funds
  • Settings File to Adjust Tax / Hard Cap / etc.
  • .DLL Calls / Exports / Etc. - Someone PM me on how to do this pls.
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Request Money -> Available?

What decides whether it's available or not?

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19 hours ago, Stuyk said:

Transaction Limit: 2,147,483,647

Why not UInt32/UInt64 tho?

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Little updated on what has currently been going on. API is around the corner for the .dll file. Also need some long term testing.


Would also like to add that you can now customize the economy through a JSON configuration.



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1 minute ago, Rayduxz said:

This is amazing, do you have a Patreon or something to support this project?

I do not. I'm currently putting it on hold as I'm working on several other projects including an ARPG mode for GTA.
I've currently got some ideas for a different type of immutable economy that won't take up a shit load of space.

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