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Me an a few friends have decided to start up a new Role Play server. We don't advertise at all about ourselves as we wish to work on the server in peace and only have that in focus. We don't have a launch date or anything because from previous experience we know that unforeseen things can happen and ruin everything.

Even tho we have almost all the people we need to help us out to create this server, all of us only have basic graphical knowledge, and to make this awesome server we wish players to get the best. So if you are a graphical artist who are willing to use many hours on a server to make it great, then perhaps you should contact us here on RageMP. As we don't wish to make promises and stuff, we can tell you about some of our plans in private.

If you don't have graphical skills, but something else you believe we can't live without. Feel free to throw a PM as well.

- HitzSPB

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Former graphic artist didn't have the time to deliver products over the next half year as he was going to travel. 


Still searching for a graphic artist.

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