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LSLife - Staff Application

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LSLife RP - Staff Application

LSLife is an upcoming life server that is currently in the early stages of development. We focus on creating a more realistic way of role playing with a mix of common role play features that most servers have and stuff from people’s everyday life.
Our goal is to give you and other players an option to live the virtual life you always wanted. We wanna make it attractive to all play styles; from the illegal gangster/mafia rp, to the legal business life. But also for people who wanna play a “sims” style of rp, with focus on family/friend roleplay. We know that the reason that people play games is mainly because they wanna do something, that they can’t or don’t want to do in real life. Afterall that's what games are about on a deep psychological level.
Our key goals
We’ve been speaking and asking questions about what most people found annoying on previous servers they played on. This has resulted in a few key goals that we hope to have solved with the release of the server. Afterwards we will constantly be in contact with our members to find new key goals together. Servers are not created by the management, but by the players playing there. If we all want a fun experience, most of our "play needs" have to be covered. 
Things we trying to accomplish

  • Earn money, properties and items through roleplay
  • Realistic start, where everyone can get some sort of starting home and vehicle going. Because let’s face it, most people in real life have a home, so you shouldn’t be forced to rent a hotel room or be homeless.
  • A faction system that balances the illegal and legal factions to both have unique features
  • Everyone can create a faction and unlock faction stuff and features as staff notice your effort. 
  • Realistic character stats and skills, where training and maintaining your character can become an advantage.
  • Automated/AI systems that can put random roleplay events into motion without staff.
  • Micro action scripts for more realistic experience (Stuff that you do in real life, like buy a candy bar from a vendor machine, press a happy smiley button when you leave a store, pick up something from the ground, grab a leaf from a tree and such actions)

Things we try to avoid but still offer as an option

  • Grinding hours of scripted jobs (We will still offer the option for the grinders out there)
  • In-Character Staff member advantages (Staff members will be on equal level as any other players when it comes to money, lvl, items and whatsoever)
  • Closed faction/group play (In our mind interacting with each other is important, so working together with other people/groups/factions, will become an advantage)

Everyone who is a part of our server is expected to help out from day one. We do not wish to get a bunch of inactive staff members, who are just there to be staff when we open. Most positions will have their hands full without any extra tasks. However positions such as administrators will help out testers and management members with generating new ideas, adjusting/testing new features and run different scenarios to check if stuff is covered.

  • Management members - Only if you stand out from the crowd 
  • Developers - Applications open
    • Must have experience with minimum one of the skills written below
      • Experience in developing C# applications
      • JavaScript experience
      • DevOps experience
      • Git Experience
      • HTML/CSS
  • Graphic Artist - Applications open
    • Skills required
      • Logo and banner designing
      • Create Images with specific requirement (For webpages and ingame)
  • Video Editor/Recorder - Closed
  • Administration Team - Applications open
    • We would like to see, but not required
      • Previous experience with administrating communities and server
      • Have some sort of sub skillset that can assist the server
    • Required
      • Must have a high quality of roleplay
  • Testers - Applications open

To avoid disappointment, pressure on our staff, missed deadlines and broken promises. We've decided that we won’t have discord, and other communication platforms until we are close to release. To make sure we get constant feedback, we will let a few people in that can help us test and give feedback on our creations. 
In a week or two we will post a server advertisement page with more information. That thread will also be constantly updated with pictures, and videos of the server progression.
Website / Forums
Coming soon

Application format


- HitzSPB & Suntar

Edited by HitzSPB

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We will not be accepting you to any staff positions for now. Last time we saw you was on the other GTA V client, were you violated multiple of rules and ban evaded on a community. So unless you change your attitude and proof that things have changed, you will not be having any chances of becoming a staff member ever on this community. 

So to prevent you from wasting time, do not apply because we will decline your application.

- HitzSPB

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Thanks for all the applications so far.

We are no longer searching for a Video Editor/Recorder as a guy from here have referred us to a friend of his who sells this service for a decently low amount of money.

Edited by HitzSPB

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We received two possible candidates for our management spots, both of them sounds great. So if anyone else wish to apply this is your chance.

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