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devblog 27th August: Recent Development Progress

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It has been a month since the previous 0.4 development announcement, this time we used to post some random development progress (such as 1.44 support or 3D CEF experiments, for example), but isn't this day (by the way, first 0.3 Developer Preview has been released exactly a year ago!) nice enough to share a recent updates list?


Anti-Cheat Essentials, Part I

RAGE Multiplayer 0.3 did not have an actual anti-cheat code, but basic checks and some game code parts being protected, it prevented most of unauthorized mods/cheats to work correctly, however, 0.4 introduces a more advanced anti-cheat protection with multiple detection methods unavailable script-wise. Despite some of lower level protection methods having to be implemented yet, here are some of its current features:

  • Detection of most of the internal/external cheats
  • Abusive software detection
  • Game code changes aimed at breaking existing game mods compatibility and protecting game's internals
  • A quick pre-launching scan to notify players about potential cheating software is running


Launcher improvements

  • Pre-launch Social Club initialization has been cut to speed up game launching times and fix launcher failures.
  • Multiple game instances support has been made public (currently unavailable for Steam though due to its protection)
  • Updater does not require .NET and performs faster now



  • Added: object.rotateLocal(rotation) [client-side]
  • Added: object.rotate(rotation) [client-side]
  • Added: event "exceptionCaught" [client-side]
  • Added:, handler) [client-side]
  • Added: mp.objects.newWeak(gameHandle) which creates a mp.Object reference to a game object to let you use it without natives
  • Removed:,,,,,,,, use,,, [client-side]
  • Added: (toggle) [client-side]
  • Added: event "cheatDetected"
  • Added: client/server cross-plugin/vm events mechanism (e.g, C# <-> C++ <-> JS)



  • Standalone cross-platform optional client packages hosting application
  • Dummy entity serialization server performance improvements
  • Internal server SDK refactor that makes scripting wrappers easier and with less overhead scripting wrappers (such as JS and C# API)
  • Game's vanilla script processing has been disabled for increased performance and security.
  • Rockstar SocialClub in-game front-end processing has been disabled (that annoying window popping up when you press Home was affected 💀 too, by the way)
  • Client package downloader has been rewritten to prevent known issues and improve overall performance
  • 0.4's new synchronization bandwidth optimizations
  • Launcher front-end is now shared with the in-game menu
  • Fixed cursor not showing correctly for "Windows" mouse input mode users
  • Multiplayer menu initialization time has been decreased drastically
  • Fixed random client crash on launch when CEF initialization is slow
  • Unoccupied vehicle synchronization
  • Fixed "fastdl-host" server config option
  • Fixed mp.keys.bind not working correctly for 'down'
  • Fixed "outline" and "centre" params
  • Rockstar Editor clip recording fixes
  • Fixed MP sounds not loading by default
  • Native invoker improvements and fool-proofing
  • 0.4d's "unrevealed feature" got voice activity detection ;)
  • Dependencies such as CEF (Chromium version is 68 now) and NodeJS (10.9.0 now) have been updated
  • Fixed the DLC packages issue introduced with Grand Theft Auto V's latest update
  • JS sanity checks preventing the "undefined:0" error (in the cases reported to us)
  • Improvements to server-side API calls ordering reliability



Release Date? ETA?

We do not have an official ETA announced and won't until the day it's fully complete. The reason is so that the release isn't rushed and you aren't let down if the release date passes without an actual release. There is an "internal ETA" that is followed and is soon™ approaching. Don't worry, progress is being made!


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