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If you've ever played dungeons and dragons or pathfinder you may enjoy this server.

This server will take a combination of Runescape, Tabletop Gaming, and MMOs and mash them together.

The general theme of the server is set about 10 to 15 years ahead of 2018.

Electric cars are present and we're living in a slightly more futuristic timeline.

The general mechanics of the server revolve around literally rolling dice in-game and giving up all of your skill for chance.

Imagine everything you do in life has a small chance to fail miserably.

All skill will be stripped away from players on this server. Instead you will rely entirely on chance, stats, and your character build built around 34+ different skills.

Roleplay will be present in this server but it will take on a less serious form.

Money will be 'ledger' based. Where players will have hardware wallets to do transactions in cryptocurrency.

Harvestable materials, inventory systems, player customization, and opportunities will thrive throughout the server.


- Runescape Experience Curve for Leveling 1 - 99

- Player Synced Mission Systems

- 33 Skill Points for a Level 99 Build

- 34 Different Ranks to Choose

- Chance Based System / Even Playing Field for Everyone

- Dice Rolling for EVERYTHING

- Crypto Based Transactions

- Easily Adjustable Inventory System

- Game Master Mode to create missions for your friends and act as a 'god' in their mission.

- Efficient menu system with quick response times. Nothing flashy.

- Extremely small foot print to download and play. Under 1MB of data.

- Full World PvP and Combat (Level Difference for Combat Zones).

- Inventory Drop on Death

What else?

Watch my youtube channel to see hints and features.

System Writeups

Weapon System on Mirror Roleplay

This is a difficult subject to write about but I think I can get the idea out pretty easily. There is a system on the server than gives each player a 'tick' every 0.5s. These ticks cannot exceed the value of 20. Basically in 10 seconds you receive 20 ticks and it resets your counter. The entire weapon system is built around these ticks. Let's say you're using a Heavy Sniper with a tick of 19. You will essentially fire once every 19 ticks.

We use a MODULO or remainder calculation to determine if it's your turn to fire. Essentially a lower tick rate weapon means more hits. An SMG with 4 ticks will be hitting roughly every two seconds. While an LMG could be hitting at 1 tick and hitting EVERY 0.5s.

Generally the formula is just:

CurrentTick % WeaponTickRate == 0

Why did I write this system? Well I wanted the server to have a more 'Runescape' feel to it. Where you can hit other players but you won't insta-gib them and they'll have a fighting chance.

However this system allows for some very interesting play styles as well. Especially when paired with the skill system. Starting up a contract kill service with a group of friends isn't an impossible task. Especially if you're putting your points in all the right places. The entire tick system will help keep the server balanced and fair as far as combat goes. Even the little guys will still get a fighting chance to withdraw their guns and fight back.

The Importance of the Server Economy

Too many times I've seen servers fail with overly inflated economies and the inability to understand the basic gaming principle of money sinks vs money created. There are several solutions that will exist in this server that will always allow more money sinks to exist than ways for money to be created. The first rule of the server is that when it is launched the hard capped economy will be setup and the current available money in the system will never exceed the hard-cap. There is a Money Printed to Money Available in place to prevent any major inflation. There are four different transaction types and they all take a cut of the transaction and inject the cut back into the economy. The general principle is that if a lot of the services on the server are strictly through NPCs you will always be able to keep the economy stable.


Store Staking and Stocks

The basic idea is that with each store you can own a portion of it. Essentially you can own a stake of that specific store. Any sales that occur in that store you will get a cut of the profits determined by the amount you have staked in that company. Each store will have 100 stakes. The price of a stake will increase for a player each time they buy a stake in it. $1,000 becomes $2,000 and $2,000 becomes $4,000. Etc.

Each stake in the store will net you .5% of that store's profits. If a store makes $25,000 and you have a 5% stake you'll take a cut of $1,250 from the sales. It's a way to let the money work for you so you can spend more time Roleplaying if you so choose.

The price hike of each stake is to prevent users from immediately buying up all the stakes of a company and allow anyone to buy stakes as well. Essentially the first 100 people could equally split up the company and earn a very small portion of cash from that store.

Stakes can be sold back to the store at any time.


We're not trying to be a hardcore Roleplay server. That era has come and gone and we're focusing on tabletop mechanics and the ability to intertwine others in your stories if you so choose. We're generally going to be doing a tax system of your total wealth on death. If you really care about your wealth you'll be avoiding death constantly. The percent will range from 0 to 5% and will be based on your level. Don't think too hard on this the taxed money will go back into the server cap.


Every player may enjoy a single Profession to take a stake in passive systems such as death, police work, dock worker, etc. The way a user may enter these Professions is by having enough money for the education, a specific level, or even having enough points in a Skill Rank. The professions will allow individuals to passively earn income based on the service that is provided natively on the server. The amount they earn will be 45% of the sale divided by amount of actively logged in people who are in that profession. A good example would be a Mechanic profession. If you become this profession you will earn a cut of the money every time a vehicle is repaired at a mechanic shop. If that job was $200 to repair a vehicle and 5 other mechanics are online the 45% that gets distributed to professions is $90 and each mechanic will earn $18 each. Allowing for a very passive system for everyone to be involved, make money, and not worry too much about grinding jobs.

A few ideas for professions will be:

- Restaurant Worker

- Mechanic

- Coffee Barista

- Doctor

- Plastic Surgeon

- Retail Worker

- Various Others

- Police Work

- Hitmen / Contract Killers


The hardest part about a Roleplay server is the grind. We all hate the grind and it's the worst aspect of it. Instead of focusing on Jobs which are totally optional you can buy your next level for the amount of experience required to reach that level. Since this uses the Runescape experience curve the ability to purchase your levels will dwindle off quickly. You can either save up for your next levels or move through your first levels quickly. Consider that 98 to 99 is going to cost you around $1,200,000 of in-game currency. Spending your money on levels is entirely up to you however.


We currently have a 'mission framework' built into the server that allows for easily created jobs. THESE ARE COMPLETELY OPTIONAL BUT THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN EARN EXPERIENCE. You can always remain as a low tier blue-collar profession on the server and never do a mission. If you want to strictly have a roleplay stand-point you can. If you want to have a more gameified experience to integrate with your Roleplay you can do jobs. These jobs are EXTREMELY flexible and very easy to write. At some point during the future I will be putting together a team of world builders to create thousands of points across the map that will automatically pool for custom routing. These jobs will never have the same route twice and will always have a different direction. They are objective based and you can complete them with your friends and split the profits. We will also be creating a 'game engine' in-game to allow custom mini-games for jobs as well. They won't be difficult so think of wario-ware type of games.


Applications suck and we're not going to force you to fill out a biography. Instead we're going to run you through a grammar test and ensure you can speak English. If you manage to cheat your way through the test and get on the server we'll just ban you. There is no appealing. As there will be no administration present.

World Building and Mini Gamemaster Modes

One of the biggest and most difficult subjects of this server is the ability to tell a story. A lot of people can tell a great story but others aren't that great at it. This server will give you the ability to use a 'mission builder' system that will allow you to create missions for your friends, gang, etc. They can complete these missions and receive bonuses based on calculations for distance of objectives, number of objectives, etc. The idea behind this is to help give the story tellers a way to invite, create, and store their stories for their players.

Skills / Skill Ranks

When you reach level 99 you will have a total of 33 rank points that can be distributed. Each rank point will help you with either lower cool-downs, improved driving, or increasing your general skill checks. The important part about this is that you can either dedicate your rank points to a very specific build or be a well rounded player. No two players will be alike when it comes down to the rank system. Here's a brief summary of all the skills that will be available to you.

  • Brute - Generate a set amount of armor based on allocated rank points. Passive Armor.
  • Downer - Once you're downed from damage you will stay alive for a much longer period of time.
  • Heavy Vehicles - The ability to drive heavy vehicles such as packers, dozers, rigs, etc.
  • Smash - Break through a vehicle window and unlock it.
  • Drag - Can drag and pull anyone. Forces them to follow you for a set period of time.
  • Intimidate - Scare others into submission. Basically a 'disable' skill.
  • Heavy Weaponry - Access to the heavier class of weaponry. Such as Sniper Rifles, RPG, etc.
  • Fisticuffs - Increased Melee Damage -> +1 Per Rank
  • Superclass Vehicles - The ability to drive anything considered 'fast' in the game. Muscle cars, super cars, etc.
  • Flying Vehicles - The ability to be a pilot.
  • Concentrate - First shot hits for double damage.
  • Light Weaponry - Access to use Submachine Guns.
  • Deadeye - Increased Accuracy for your bullets to hit.
  • Quick - Increased chance of dodging hits.
  • Damage Roll - Increase damage roll by 1 for every 2 points in this slot.
  • Perception - See name tags from much further away.
  • Regenerate - Passively heal health every 30 seconds. Each rank is +1 hp.
  • Electric - Passively regenerate fuel for vehicles.
  • Medicine - Ability to heal others and yourself for additional health. You can also revive downed players.
  • Calculated - First shot will hit with 100% Accuracy. Extremely long cool down however.
  • Medium Weaponry - Ability to use Shotguns and Assault Rifles
  • Crowd Control - Cause others to become disabled / wounded. Decrease their accuracy.
  • Lockpick - Ability to Lock Pick a vehicle with greater odds. No alarms triggered if done properly.
  • Vehicle Sense - See all owned vehicles on your minimap and all moving vehicles.
  • Sick Sense - Always know when someone is downed in the region.
  • Disguise - Swap outfits on the fly.
  • Agenda - Swap your name to a new one instantly.
  • Leadership - Increase the scores of your teammates for strength, dex, intelligence, and charisma.
  • Persuasion - What you say other's usually believe. A passive way to increase charisma ability scores.
  • Hidden - Toggle your nametag off for as long as the amount of points in the skill.
  • Transparent - Hide from sight for as long as the amount in the skills. (Nametag will still be seen.)
  • Fakeout - Completely skip an objective in a mission.
  • Brains - Harvest additional money during after an objective is completed. Cooldown based.
  • Attention - Force everyone to look at you for a set period of time. (Allies not excluded.)
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Summary for the Day:

Did three commits today. Let me summarize what went down for the day.

  • Trello is more Organized
  • Finished LevelRanks (Skills) for Point Allocation
  • Finished Math for Determining Unallocated Points
  • Finished Event Handler for Cooldown Resets
  • Implemented Brute Skill in Strength Category
  • Implemented Regenerate Skill in Intelligence Category
  • Rewrote Skillcheck System to compare stats easily with a 'number' and another 'player'.
  • Rewrote Dice System to support number of Dice rolls and add up them up.
  • Implemented Electric Vehicle class for power consumption.
  • Implemented Power Consumption for Electric Vehicles when distance from last position changes.
  • Implemented client-side code for LevelRanks (Skills) so the client will always receive new data on update.
  • General Code Refactors and Such.

Github Data for the Day for Serverside Code and Clientside Code:



Screenshots: (Not Very Interesting)

Brute Skill: (Adds Armor after Cooldown)


Regenerate Skill: (Passively Heals Health Over Time)



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Summary for the past two or so days:

Did a handful of commits and they mainly included the following:

  • Cooldowns for ALL skills are done.
  • Started early implementation of Attack System.
  • Began work on Inventory / Stat / Rank HUD and ability to click to level up ranks.
  • Experience Bar is completely done.
  • Level System is completely done.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Ctrl now toggles the cursor.
  • Tab toggles the inventory / rank / stat menu.





Fact of the Day:

The current size of all of the client-side files are a little under 500KB. This includes images, and code.


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Changes for the Day:

  • Experience Integration for Mission Objectives
  • Complete Inventory / Stats / Ranks Overhaul
  • Can now properly level up ranks.
  • Jobs are automatically parsed and locations are added for player's to find locally.
  • Inventory Hotkey Switched to 'X'
  • Start a Job by Pressing 'F'
  • Job Cooldowns Enabled to Prevent Spamming
  • Fixed Bugs with Vehicles not Clearing on Job Cancel
  • Pickup an Item with 'E' for quick interactions.







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Update for the Day:

  • Scrapping entire ARPG Control System because Shooting System would not work properly with control set. Have to make some sacrifices for this mode to work.
  • Wrote entire weapon system that calculates a few different things:
    • Weapon Damage
    • Bullet Count
    • Weapon Ticks / Fire Rate
  • Skills:
    • Concentrate - Double Damage
    • Calculated - First Shot Hits with 100% Damage
  • Other things... not keeping track on this one since there's a lot I have to rework.


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