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devblog 31.10: First stream, improvements of sync and more

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General changes:

  • Major improvements of drive-by sync
  • Interpolator of rotation became smoother
  • Fixed game's blocking of keyboard layout switching
  • Client optimizations (some watchdogs replaced with hooks, some game functions got low-level optimizations)
  • Caching of memory addresses (multiplayer starts faster)
  • Time and weather sync and related server-side functions
  • New portion of client-side functions: UI (both CEF and game's ui), Ped and more functions were added (these and other clientside scripting changes will be discussed later)
  • NodeJS was upgraded from 6.6.0 to 7.0.0


Server-side API changes (we're working on adding them to the wiki):

  • New globals:, mp.environment.time.hour, mp.environment.time.minute, mp.environment.time.second


Beta testing & Stream

During this week we've managed to make a stream and a lot of your questions got answers. Also we've showed some multiplayer gameplay with beta testers, but it was not as planned because we've had some troubles with our servers, but still we think that stream was good. Also those beta tests has helped us to find some bugs that were fixed shortly later (e. g., vehicle rotation interpolator's bug), so we're planning to stream the multiplayer more often in future.

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