devblog 27.02: Announcement of 0.2

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Hi folks!


It has been a while since we did our previous announcement. We've launched open beta testing, we've released 3 hotfixes that improved stability a lot, then we've got lots of major DDoS attacks (eventually they was successful, that's sad), but today we are proud to announce first major update of RAGE Multiplayer: 0.2 beta is almost done.


Clientside scripting.

We've finished most of work related to clientside scripting so our API is ready to get you satisfied a lot. Our clientside API includes more than 1K functions - and we're just getting started so 0.2 will have much more functions. List of some functions is available here: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Client-side_functions (to be updated shortly).

Please note that clientside API is still in development so some functions will be update, some functions will be added.


Serverside scripting.

Serverside scripting got great additions too. Advanced pool functions, synced full ped customization API, synced vehicle customization, synced ped animations etc... Well, this list is soo huge and we will share it with final 0.2 changelog.


Checkpoints, markers and colshapes.

We've implemented checkpoints, markers and colshapes entities that could be used in races, deathmaths etc. This stuff is already bit documented at wiki.



Server improvements.

While we've worked on 0.2, we've spent some time to improve network library that we use (RakNet) so we've reached  perfomance improvements. Also there are new config options that could make your server secure so you can limit connections per ip, limit connections per ip per milliseconds, encrypt your traffic or so.


Client improvements.

Yes, random (also it was often caused by ALT+TAB) closing (not crashing) of the game was fixed so there's nothing that could broke your game experience! ^^ Also we made launcher idiot-proof so it will check itself if you have MSVC++ installed, if your game is valid etc. Autoupdater is also one of great features of 0.2, we'll announce most of them very soon :)


New Master Server.

Our current master server that is powered by http to cooperate with client/server and had some bad implementation ideas, that's why it had security issues (once it was attacked by http flooding 24/7 so you've been not able to view servers). In 0.2 we've done completely new master server that is ready to work with *bad guys*.


Development status.

In general, everything became better. There is done a lot, but we don't have the exact date of release because we'll done much more to provide you better Grand Theft Auto multiplayer expierience! We hope to see you here soon again! :)


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Finally we will enjoy a great gta Multiplayer Experience.

Thanks a lot to the Rage MP devs for the hard work.

I will be ready to do some tutorials about rage mp in the soon time when 0.2 Releases.

Complete the Great work.

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