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A text based role playing community with storytelling, immersion, and player creativity in mind.



Hello, Bonjour and Willkommen to LS-V! An upcoming, player-led RP server for GTA V, based on the existing Rage MP platform. In this first of many opening press releases, we aim to answer any questions you may have, fill the community in on our philosophy and generally say “Hello!”.


Although you will find detailed below a list of our intended features, and our roleplay and staff philosophy, it’s our pleasure to firstly introduce ourselves. LS-V has been borne out of a general desire to provide a new, unique community - one which is markedly different from any servers that have come before.

The development after launch will be guided heavily by the players and community, in order to create a realistic, economy-driven setting for our characters to thrive in that every member of the community can enjoy and be proud of. Development is going strong and has a bright future, but we do not wish to create promises we cannot satisfy and have thus not set out for a specific release date. Despite this, we are glad to accept you into our community so we can build this server together.

In the coming months as the community eagerly awaits launch, the staff team has plans to keep everyone informed. This includes development blogs that share our developmental progress, monthly updates to provide more general updates, and the occasional podcast “Sit-In” with the administration team - where we openly discuss the server, the community, and our hopes for the future.

Here at LS-V we intend to make sure each and every player gets to enjoy the roleplay experience they desire. Crushing creativity has been a frequent trend in many previous roleplaying servers, but we openly welcome unique and interesting ideas from the community with open arms. 

Our staff team is comprised of players who all have a genuine desire to assist other players. Having experience with a wide-range of attitudes to RP, the staff team will be there to support good, excellent role play. The team will be working actively within the player environment to support and supplement that goal. 

Our final (and most important) aim, is to bring a positive, supportive environment for players and staff alike. To that end we will provide comprehensive representation to players and staff alike, with a code of conduct for all involved. This, amongst other measures will ensure the staff team is a part of the player community, and not simply or solely a dictator to it.


House & Vehicle Vouchers

  • New players will choose from a list of "lifestyles" for their character, which will grant them vouchers for different tiers of housing and vehicles, to be claimed after a few hours of gameplay. This will allow players to get right into role playing their characters and not spend their first several hours grinding script jobs to earn money to get around town.

Dynamic Weather Updates

  • Weather in game is synced to real life Los Angeles weather, as well as manual administration control. Changes to the weather can be found in updates via a weather channel on the Discord!

Immersive Hunger & Thirst Systems

  • Your character will become hungry and thirsty over time, to encourage players to visit local eateries and player-manned convenience stores for sustenance.

Role play-oriented Jobs

  • In order for your character to make money, they will need a job, right? Los Santos V wants to focus on having you role play while you're earning money, rather than driving from point a to point b time and time again. Perhaps your character is a cashier for one of the local gas stations or clothing stores?


  • You will be able to live in any house and run any business you want. You might start out low, but you can always work your way up to the very top to that beautiful house in the hills.


  • Keep your account safe and secure with LSV's unique two factor authentication.

Bank Accounts

  • You don't have to simply deposit your money into the bank. Players may have a debit, savings, and credit account to their name through the various banks of Los Santos.

Dynamic Dealerships

  • These dealerships can be placed anywhere by management and have their inventory of vehicles changed on the fly. No need for updates to the script to change up the dealerships.

Unique Inventory System

  • Our inventory system incorporates a lot of items not often seen. Debit and bank cards are their own items, and are linked to specific bank accounts and even require PIN numbers. Keys for vehicles are also their own items, as well as cellphones.

Discord Integration

  • Advertisements in-game sent by players will also be sent to the Discord. This encourages players who are not currently in-game to hop in to visit their favorite business. This includes the previously mentioned weather system, as well as news and amber alerts. On the OOC side of things, administrators will be able to view reports and help requests, and answer them right from our Discord. They will be able to kick, ban, and unban players from the Discord as necessary.


Head of Server

Head of Staff

Head of Development


“For more information about our admin team, please head to the forums at:


So, from all of us here at LS-V, we thank-you for taking the time to read through this first communication from ourselves. Please stay tuned, follow us on Twitter, find us on Discord and on the forums, and we hope to see you all in the not-too-distant future. 


Happy New Year! Come spend 2019 with us!

Feel free to send any questions to either myself or the other member of the PR team, Lo Sciacallo

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March Development Update


We've been pretty slow at releasing updates to the community, so here is a long await update on our process. You can view more by viewing our site, forums or discord!





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The server looks awesome, the website is neat! I love the progress trackers. Wasn't Moretti apart of another project? 

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