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Welcome to paradise!

Good day, friends!
I want to inform you about the start of testing the GangWar server from a project called Rarus Games!
Why rarus? Rarus in Latin is rare. And we are trying to add something unusual and rare to your gameplay.

What is ready at the moment:


  •     6 gangs
  •     Crossroads capture system
  •     Money system
  •     Top players
  •     Transportation system
  •     Award system
  •     Login / Registration

What is planned:

  •     Level system
  •     VIP players system
  •     Education system
  •     Game assistants
  •     Property For Sale
  •     Capture areas
  •     Adding Mafia
  •     Mass gang wars
  •     Gang diplomacy system

We have plans and ideas, but they will not come true unless you help us in testing the server!
Our official resources:

Group VKontakte: /rarusrp
Channel in Discord: /ewAGkJv


I will post updates as well in this topic.
I expect constructive criticism from you!

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12 минуты назад, Jaimuzu сказал:

wow, will there be a version of englishe speak?

Yeah. We are working on it

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