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On GameHosting we have following locations. Montreal Canada, Dallas USA, Paris France,  then we have VPS Servers Canada and France.  Game Servers are hosted on TC Admin panel that has live command line access. Game Servers have from 16 to 42 Cores and 96 to 256 GB of Memory. The ultimate performance.
Rage Multiplayer Game Server Hosting
With every server you rent following is included
  • Game Panel
  • MySQL Database for Game Server
  • Full Control of Game Server
Game Panel Features
  • Summary
    • Server Information
    • Control
    • Start , Stop , Restart , RCON
  • Backups
    • You can create your own Backups and Restore them anytime.
  • Sub-Users
    • Allow start/stop/restart   
    • Reinstall server   
    • FTP Access   
    • Edit Settings
    • Install updates
    • Install addons
  • Settings
    • Everything from Server Name to Resources. (Automatically saves to config no need to manually edit server config via FTP)
  • Addons
    • Public user released resources/plugins on forum will be added here for one click install for your server.
  • Updates
    • Every new release of RAGE MP will be added for easy update of your server files.
  • FTP
    • Web FTP for quick browsing and editing allowed files
    • Full FTP to access your server.
  • QuickEdit
    • Editing Server Config (Disabled by default it can be under Settings)
  • Scheduler
    • Start
    • Restart
    • Stop
    • Backup
    • You can automate your tasks and set them by minute, hour , day , week , month , year, at decided time to complete.
  • Management
    • Reinstall server to the default stage (All curent data will be ERASED)
30 slots starting at $8.90
 $0.15 per additional slot
Website GameHosting.Co 
Discord: Channel
Thank you.
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No automatic alt text available.

From 1 up to 8    3.7 Ghz Cores
From 4 GB up to 30 GB of RAM
Storage from 100 GB up to 500 GB 

Download Speed is limited to 250 Mbps with 1000 Mbps Brust
Upload Speed is limited to 100 Mbps
Traffic is Unlimited


VPS Location Canada or France
1 IPv4 Address Included
Remote Desktop Access Free
Windows Activation and License Included
No Overselling Dedicated Resources
DDOS Protection Included
VPS Operating System Windows 2016 Standard

Private Windows VPS with Remote Desktop and Dedicated IP included.
Windows License included in price.





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Promotion details

Use the selected promo code at checkout to get your discount.
Every promo code is applicable for their respective offers.
Each code can be used once per customer.
Applicable on the first month only.
For further assistance, please submit a support ticket.
Offer is available only on Friday 24th 2017.

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I've bought a host from them about 3 weeks ago. They took about 4 days to set it up for me so I have acess to it, then problems came up. I was denied access to import the MySQL database plus about bunch of files were denied acess into the server. Ive made a support ticket  requesting assistance and after 6 days I haven't recevied any kind of help. I'm not suggesting anybody to purchase a service from this company because I've paid for mine and I wasn't able to use it!

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