devblog 08.05: Happy birthday, RAGE Multiplayer (and more)

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Hello there again! :) Suddenly it was a while again since we did our previous announcement, but today it nice day to break that pause, isn't it?) As far as you know there was lack of communication, but it doesn't says anything about real development process. By the way, do you know that some days ago (at 2 May) there was first birthday of RAGE Multiplayer?


Client optimization

Our purpose for 0.1 was to keep game's frame rate as you had it in singleplayer, but we've done some optimizations to reach better game performance in 0.2. Some stats provided by our beta testers (tested on blank gamemode):

  • 0.1 -> 0.2 (singleplayer)
  • 35 -> 50 (45) fps
  • 50-60 -> 80 (60) fps
  • 50-70 -> 120 (60-70) fps
  • 11 -> 55 -> (55) fps (his laptop with external GPU felt bad with 0.1)


Launcher improvements

We completely reimplemented launcher's back-end and added some new features. Now it is moore times user friendly.

  • Launcher was translated into German, French and Russian
  • Some options (like game path settings) were made working
  • Launcher supports rage:// protocol
  • Launcher saves IP of your last server
  • Implemented scaling when your system scale is not 100%
  • Misc fixes


    API Enhancements (yes, we did it again!)

    We are still sure that key feature of 0.2 is enhanced API, that's why we improve it every day by adding new functions/properties or changing syntax of existing functions to make it easier to use. This time we counted more than 3K functions at clientside scripting, you can check them at our wiki (some recently implemented functions may be missing here). Serverside API was enhanced too, but its changes aren't so countable.


    Please note: those functions aren't just some kind of wrappers around boring natives like you saw it somewhere else, it's real clientside scripting functions and properties that are implemented lovely way with OOP already on the board! :)



    Initially we didn't planned to improve synchronization in 0.2 (check ^ for details), but we fixed some issues that you found playing 0.1. Also we still have some plans about synchronization improvements in 0.2.

    • Improved entering into lazer, hydra, rhino etc
    • Fixed incorrect synchronization of mounted weapons
    • Some misc fixes to general onfoot sync
    • Fixed rare desynchronization of current weapon caused by streamer and networking optimizations
    • Improved ragdoll
    • Fixed some issues caused by code refactorings/game updates



    In-game UI (WIP)

    Comments are unnecessary here :)



    Wikis & Testing

    We've picked more than 70 server developers and testers to make final release of 0.2 as stable as we can. Also we and our wiki editors have spent some time regarding wiki to make it shine. For your information: even most of those docs were imported using ragemp's serverside API. Also for guys still uses natives we've prepared this wiki.


    Misc (most notable)

    • CEF was upgraded to the latest version that uses Chromium 57
    • NodeJS was upgraded to 7.5.0 (it looks like we will update it again before final release)
    • Added support for 1.38 Steam/SC, then 1.39 Steam/SC (fyi: it was done is less than 10 hours)
    • Vehicle blips were removed
    • Game scripting-related hooks were rewritten (now it's much times easier to support when game updates)
    • Misc fixes & updates


    Release date

    TBA. Please don't manage to ask us about it.

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    Much :hype: soon ™
    Much work completed.
    Much work being done.
    Much work to be done.

    And 0.2 release date totally isn't 2039!


    It is 1 second before midnight December 31, 2038.


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