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Gas Station




Trade System

Tool Shop

Electronic Shop


Our goal is to make more realistic and RP game as well with this script all GTA V house interiors were upgraded. Moreover, you will not be able to have a view as you are on the 30th floor into house with 3 (three) floors



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Server Release Date
We, as a team are happy to announce that the server has finally gotten a release date for the beta branch phase #1
opening. The opening of the server is on 1-November 2019.
We would like to thank all the players and all the people for patiently waiting for the server to finally open.
Also, we would like to thank all the admins for helping in the testing process and who communicated about our
server during these last few months. Without our team, nothing would've been possible.
A great appreciation goes to the Legal and Illegal Faction Team for helping our community grow with
all the recruitments in the Government and all the other Factions. The Factions are the core of the Roleplay, so being prepared ahead of time is a major factor of the success of the server itself. We personaly think that we have an amazing team helping our community grow, so we are beyond thankfull for that.
What will happen on the opening of the server?
At the start, factions will be given to the accepted players that applied for a certain role in a certain faction.
You will have an option to make 2 characters on one account. When you enter the server, your time begins, your Roleplay life on the server is starting. You have all the options to grow your character and make changes to the community. All the things related with the server are displayed here
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Hello Roleplayers, We're as a staff team, are happy to announce that the server has finally released to the public.
We released our server on 12th April 2020, We're very sorry for the inconvenience and delay of our release date announcement on our thread. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone for playing from the first release until now here at Dreamworld. We have had an amazing launch for our first release and have reached 89 players on our first day and 115 for the highest peak players in the server. We want to thank you all for playing and for being here at launch. We have a dedicated staff team who have been working hard to bring us all the best RP experience they can, so a big thank you and shout out to all Staff members and Support Team. We will continue to tweak things and work hard over the coming weeks. 

I want to share our upcoming updates on the server with new of our server features for the next updates in our server.

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    • Faction Bank; A bank account that holds all the money from your faction.
    • Mechanic Faction
    • Smelter (Processing of ore into pure metal).
    • New Locations for ore per map
    • System for orders on Tuning Components (exterior, wheels, roof, etc etc ...).
    • Mechanical System for making Tuning Components.
    • Mechanic Installation of Tuning components on the vehicle.
    • Crafting of Illegal Weapons (requires sketches for the type of weapon you would like to make, components for making the illegal weapon as a mechanism for weapons, trigger, optics, slide etc etc ...)
    • Assets of innactive players will be removed (Houses will be put back on sale again)
    • No weed can be planted inside the houses
    • Players can no longer stop the animation while he's injured
    • Players can no longer open the Inventory while he's hurt
    • sellhouse [id] [price]
    • sellbusiness [id] [price]
    • Doctors can only heal in the hospital
    • Megaphone in Police Vehicles
    • Increased earnings on Truck Workers
    • Increased earnings for Truck Drivers
    • /sellvehicle (increased slots for dealership owners).
    • Vehicle theft
    • ChopShop (Sale of stolen vehicles in parts).
    • Fixed Hack ATMs.
    • Increased earnings on robbing VAN money transporter.
    • New Modified Vehicles
    • (F) Entering the driver's seat (G) Entering the passenger seat
    • Taxations on Factions at the expense of the faction bank account
    • HQ for Factions
    • Debts (if you have a debt, every salary goes to repay the debt you have)
    • Hunger and Thirst
    • Radio Voice for Factions
    • System Vehicles (Mileage, vehicle registration, breakdowns, oil change, tire change, overhaul, vehicle wear).
    • /me /do come out over your head
    • Afk system
    • Rackets on Business (The leader of the faction can initiate a certain tribute where the faction gets a percentage to the earnings).
    • Voice Chat no longer bugging causing you to appear silent to others.
    • New Farmer Job (planting and production).


Official Legal Faction

Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Fire and Medical Department
Los Santos Government
Blaine County Sheriffs Department
Weazel News Agency


Official Illegal Faction

The Sicilian Mafia (La Cosa Nostra)
The Russian Mafia
The Lost MC


Dreamworld Roleplay Forum
Dreamworld Roleplay Discord

Thanks you and happy roleplaying, hope to see you all soon in our community server.

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A reminder to not involve RAGE Multiplayer forums in the server dramas.


Related posts have been cleaned up, continuing it will lead to an account ban.

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10 hours ago, ragempdev said:

A reminder to not involve RAGE Multiplayer forums in the server dramas.


Related posts have been cleaned up, continuing it will lead to an account ban.

Thank you.

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BE READY for ONE OF OUR biggest updates yet for illegal factions! Whether you are Street gang or Mafia you will now fight one another to OWN WAREHOUSES & TURFS! PREPARE your members and Continue to hold down Territory to receive Beneficial items for the Faction!

Warehouse can be owned by Mafia type factions only. This warehouse is meant to create weapons and have access to all the crafting future's such as

-Crafting Menu

All this items are limited and they are spawn on hour time +1 They also have special menu where you can go and store items and craft the weapons (Warehouse don't need patterns)

The warehouse will not be owned by anybody, it will be a neutral location. In order to take it, you must have 5 members and go to the warehouse's location and Press E. At that point, it will take 30 minutes to claim it and everyone within 150 miles will get a notification of war and that number of players are present there. As people die the player count will tick down If the attackers prevail they will continue to capture the warehouse and the clock will tick down. After the warehouse is taken, another mafia cannot contest it until 96 hours have passed

--Gang Turfs Update

Gang turfs are more then one and they can be found in the city or outside the city, only gang can take over the turf and they can claim more then one, there is different type of turfs and every turf has his own benefits;

Cocaine Turf : Will be Used to sell cocaine to the dealers. 100 cocaine can be sold per player on each turf
Meth Turf : Used to sell meth to the dealers. 100 Meth can be sold per player on each turf.
If you hold more turfs you can sell more quantities of Cocaine & Meth

Turfs has the same system as warehouse when it comes to attacking or defending if you lose the turf the gang who takes over has 24 hours of selling.
In case you gained the turf for 24hours and you manage to defend the turf you get extra 12 hours to sell / craft.

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