Clientside Copy Helper and C# Toolkit

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Grab It Here:

Who is this for?
This is for C# Developers and Javascript Developers alike. This program allows you to easily restart, copy C# scripts, setup C# clientside scripting, and quickly reconnect to your server with the auto-kick functionality.

* Server Console Log Piping
* Server Restarting
* Server Restarting with CTRL + F5
* Server Stop
* Copy C# Clientside Scripts
* Stats for scripts copied, websockets sent, and server restarts.
* Auto Kick users on restart so they can reconnect quickly. (REQUIRES STUYKSOCKET)
* StuykSocket.dll for local development communication.
* (Note: Do not use the socket program as a remote connection outside of local environment. It is for DEVELOPMENT only.)

Basic Instructions
Here are some basic things you need:

1. Create a class inside of your main resource. Call it Websocket.
2. Paste the Websocket.cs code inside of there to replace your class.
3. Place 'StuykSocket.dll' in its own folder inside bridge/resources/ called 'StuykSocket'
4. Add a Meta.xml inside of 'StuykSocket'. Add meta.xml text from gist to file.
5. Go to your settings and load 'StuykSocket' before any other resource.
6. Place Fleck.dll inside your server-files/bridge/runtime/ directory.
7. Launch server with Copy Helper.

If you get errors on startup place these .dll files from the runtime directory next to the .dll

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My doctor prescribed me Stuyk, because he helps the little but still annoying pain of developers.

Much love ❤️

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If anyone has trouble getting this running. You can also add these to get it to work:


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If anyone comes across any issues make sure to report them on Github.

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