This is the MTG: RP script originally developed by me and a few others targeting GTA: Network. It was then passed over to Mafia City Roleplay who did some progress converting it over to RageMP. Please do note that this is not completely converted yet, specifically client-side code... Would be great if someone steps up and continues the conversion Features MongoDB storage system. Character system with skin customizations Dynamic OOP inventory system. Dynamic mapping system (can load custom maps in-game) Phone system with a GUI Various jobs. (Delivery, Fisherman, garbageman, lumberjack, gunrunner, mechanic, trucker and finally taxi) Activities such as hunting and scuba-diving.  Images can be found in this post:  And a lot more.. the below original trailer can give you a broader idea about the features:    Download and Credits   I'M GONNA REPEAT THIS AGAIN, THIS IS NOT PLUG'N'PLAY. IT'S GOING TO NEED SOME EFFORT TO ACTUALLY WORK AFTER ALL THE API CHANGES.