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Hi, since I could not find a comprehensive list of the current syncronisation status of different elements I decided to conduct my own little research and here is what I came up with.

This is in no way a bug-report, but more of a list of what others can expect when developing scripts right now. For the most part basic syncronisation is already implemented, these are mostly edge-cases which I'm sure will be fixed in the future, and I'll try to update the list when a new update comes.



  • (not-synced) Vehicle damage level is not synced on player join (a damaged vehicle is seen as new by a newly joined player)
  • (not-synced) Vehicle damage level do not match exatlly when shooting (it can result in a player not being able to damage you because a car window isn't broken for you so bullets can't reach)
  • (not-syncedVehicles don't take damage when no one is inside them
  • (not-synced) Vehicles explode again when they stream in for a player if they were already destroyed
  • (not-syncedVehicles may teleport and damage themselves on stream in if they were spawned in the air
  • (not-syncedWeaponized vehicles with homing rockets target the passenger
  • (not-synced) Vehicle passenger can't change the radio station
  • (partially-syncedSometimes cars start playing breaking noises constantlly
  • (partially-synced) Vehicle trailers work but teleport around quite a lot
  • (synced) Vehicle sirens work
  • (synced) Wheel movement is synced (not just the vehicle position, so you can for example do a burnout)
  • (synced) Planes rotation is synced (so you can do stunts)
  • (synced) Vehicle collisions synced pretty well
  • (not-synced) Boats drift away when no-one is inside them, ending up in different locations for each player
  • (syncedDrive-by is possible and pretty well synced for both the driver and also the passengers
  • (partially-synced) Some armed vehicles don't sync the rotation of the weapon, but the actual shooting (projectile) is synced
  • (partially-synced) Some armed vehicles play the shooting animation/sound but there is no actual explosion at the target location (for example the tank)
  • (not-syncedPlayers can't kick out a driver by holding down F (you get in the passenger seat instead)
  • (partially-synced) Pressing F to get in a car will teleport you inside it if it took too long to run 


Player Movement & Combat

  • (partially-synced)  When climbing a ladder the animation is applied but stuck on the first frame
  • (not-syncedNo throwable weapons work (grenades, sticky, proxy, pipe, molotov, gas, etc)
  • (partially-synced) Some weapons can be aimed but shooting isn't synced (railgun, compact grenade launcher, etc)
  • (partially-synced) Punching works but results in a lot of jitter and no actual animation
  • (synced) Climbing over obstacles works and is well synced
  • (partially-synced) The cover system is only synced sometimes, and when it does it's very jittery
  • (not-synced) When using the cover system, if aiming the animation is not synced
  • (not-synced) Player head movement is not synced
  • (partially-synced) Player ragdoll on car hit or fall does sync but not very well and is also very jittery (players are moving in the "laying on the ground" animation)
  • (not-synced) This is not so important but there is no lag compesation (so you have to aim in front if the target is running)


World (General)

  • (not-synced) Waves probablly aren't synced
  • (not-synced) AI is not synced, they do not spawn at all
  • (not-synced) Fire is not synced


If you have anything to add please leave a reply and I'll add it to the post, also thanks to my friend Petri_20 for helping me test all this.

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