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Los Santos County We are a text-based roleplay server, we aim to deliver a welcoming environment suitable for all. Server development has been underway since early December of 2018 and we are pleased to now formerly announce ourselves to the general public. We aim to have a full launch mid-June



  • User Control Panel / Application System
  • Customized Character Creator
  • Character Clothing/outfit system
  • A large variety of professional custom mapped interiors unique to our server
  • Property System with access to 400+ properties
  • Advanced Furniture system
  • Player owned Business System with access to multiple businesses across Los Santos
  • Official Faction system
  • User Interfaces unique to our server (Such as login, Bank, Fully functioning Phone UI, Police MDC, Inventory pop-up, inventory icons, and more...)
  • And more!



Official Teasers





Unofficial showcases

Custom vehicle models previews: https://imgur.com/vVMpIeq && https://imgur.com/FaqjAE7

Dealership Interface WIP: https://imgur.com/HfW6XvZ

Help Menu Interface: https://imgur.com/2vTnOyr



We are currently full steam ahead in setting up our official factions such as the Police Department, Fire Department and Government. We offer custom modelled Police Cruisers/Fire Trucks unique to our server. We aim to deliver an experience like no other server. With this being a new community our factions are in the midst of being set up and we still require helping hands! Feel free to get in contact with a member from the corresponding faction of which you would like to help out with if you're interested, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!




Los Santos County was started by myself, Bradley, and Aero. The three of us come from a heavy roleplay background originating from SA:MP. This community was formed with our roots in mind, we aim to bring back our vision of what roleplay servers used to be. With that being said, we still thrive off of feedback and player input. That has played a huge role in how the server has been shaped and developed thus far. At the end of the day, we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience. 


In closing, we are still in Development and hope you can be patient with our progress as we are sure to hit a few bumps along the road. We have waited this long to present ourselves as to not create false hope, however, we are now secured in position with our development and are nearing launch. Our doors are now open and we hope to see you soon!

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