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Q: Will I get banned from GTA Online if I install/play RAGE Multiplayer?

A: No. You will never risk getting banned from GTA Online because of RAGE Multiplayer.


Q: Where do I download RAGE Multiplayer?

A: You can download RAGE Multiplayer by clicking here.


Q: I am experiencing issues. Where do I request help?

A: You can request help by posting a thread in our support section.


Q: Does RAGE Multiplayer support custom mods and scripts?

A: Not at the moment. However, custom mods and scripts support might be added in the future.


Q: Can I play RAGE Multiplayer with a cracked copy of Grand Theft Auto V?

A: We do not condone the use of illegally obtained copies of GTA V nor do we offer any support for it.


Q: What's the difference between RAGE Multiplayer and other multiplayer clients?

A: RAGE Multiplayer is an independent client written completely from scratch with no limits whatsoever. Our flawless sync and lossless FPS gameplay offers you the best experience in GTA V. Our client also supports multiple scripting languages for hassle free and user friendly developing. RAGE Multiplayer started in May 2016 and has been alive ever since, proving to be a project with one of the strongest foundations. That means no sudden shutdown!


Q: Which game versions are supported?

A: Version 1.40 and above.


Q: Which scripting languages are supported?

A: JavaScript (NodeJS) for server-side scripts, C++ for server plugins and gamemodes and JavaScript for client-side scripts. C# is now also supported thanks to our bridge.


Q: Is there a built-in RAGE Multiplayer map editor?

A: Not yet.


Q: Where do I report a bug or request a feature?

A: You can report a bug on our bug tracker and post a suggestion in our suggestion forum.

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