[Feature Request] Config/Registry entry to disable/enable RageMP Discord RPC

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Hello everyone!
We're currently developing a custom Launcher for our Server, and recently we implemented our own Discord RPC Info.

Problem is, that as soon as the Player joins the Server, either the RPC will Reset to "Grand Theft Auto V", or RageMP's own RPC will get displayed.
Looping the execution of our RPC Function every 10 seconds, will first of all Reset the Timer (which we could possibly fix), but will get Discord to glitch out and fallback to the GTA V default RPC.

My Idea would be, to have a config Entry in the Server.cfg, or on Client-Side having a Registry Entry for the Discord RPC.
This way we could either modify the Registry Value by our Launcher, or disable it Server Sided.

Hope this will be a Option for the 0.4 Release, even though not many People will make use of it.

Have a nice Day!
- Sudonym

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