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Serverside error

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Error: C:\RAGEMP\server-files\packages\administration-system\mysql.js:60
     ^"getInformationAboutDuty", (player) => {
rp.mysql.handle.query('SELECT `adminduty` from rp_administration WHERE login=?', [player], function(err,res){
if(res == 0){
player.outputChatBox(`Nie możesz wejść na duty - brak uprawnień`);
} else {'setDutyOnPlayer', player);
player.outputChatBox(`Zalogowałeś się na duty!`);

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My guess would be that you're not properly closing shit."getInformationAboutDuty", (player) => {
    rp.mysql.handle.query('SELECT `adminduty` from `rp_administration` WHERE `login` = ?', [player], function (err, res) {
        if(res == 0) {
            player.outputchatBox(`Text shit here`);
        } else {
  'setDutyOnPlayer', player);
            player.outputChatBox(`Chat shit here`);


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