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Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since we've posted a blog or kept the community up-to-date with our latest progress and we apologize for that. In return, we have very exciting news to bring you which will also prove that we've made tremendous progress during our months of silence!

RAGE 0.2 will not be released. Why? Because we're releasing RAGE 0.3. Yeah, you read that right!

We have surpassed the amount of work we originally planned for 0.2 greatly, instead of releasing an update that only added client-side scripting, we've started working on an update that will provide a major boost to every single aspect of our platform. The following changelog should give you an impression of what we've done so far.


  • Modernized UI. We did tons of small changes that improved functionality a lot. Here's a little example of that:




  • C++ SDK. It was planned for 0.2.1 however it is already implemented since we're at 0.3! You will be able to check it out at https://github.com/ragemultiplayer/ragemp-cppsdk in the upcoming days.
  • Melee and combat roll synchronization. It's still experimental, so expect some bugs here and there (and don't forget to report them).
  • Client- and server-side API improvements: customization of nametags, evented keybinding, improved ray casting, enhanced chat and cursor APIs, out-of-the-box command handling API, new events and more..
  • Completely rewritten resource transfer (previous one was based on RakNet). Our new one includes better server performance and safety and also more user-friendly downloading for clients (it's faster!). Remote FastDL already included!
  • Client-side streamer for map entities that is optimized to an extent where it can be independent from your biggest maps not in the streaming range.
  • "Bridge" plugin that builds a bridge for your server-side C# resources from GTA Network.
  • NodeJS was moved out of the server core so you can disable this feature to keep additional hardware resources free and unoccupied!
  • Chat secure mode and color tags (like "!{red}Player: !{255, 255, 255, 0.2} what's going on?"). Both could be disabled using clientside API.
  • Server owners now have the possibility to limit and block players by ping, FPS, game version and packet loss.
  • Tow truck and convertible roofs synchronization.






  • Lots of stability improvements.
  • And much more


Oh, we almost forgot. You're wondering when 0.3 will be released? Well.. we can proudly announce that our first public build will be rolled out next week. Woohoo!

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