Cannot works setHeadOverlay on server

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i have HeadOverlay structure on server 

structure screenshot:

After join server set headOverlay to player from structure 

piece of code:

var params = Object.keys(character.customisation.details);
      for (var i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {
        if ((character.customisation == false && params[i] != "facial_hair" && params[i] != "body_blemishes" && params[i] != "chest_hair") ||
          (character.customisation == true && params[i] != "makeup" && params[i] != "blush" && params[i] != "lipstick")) {
          let detail = character.customisation.details[params[i]];
          player.setHeadOverlay(i, [detail.index, parseFloat(detail.opacity), detail.color1, detail.color2]);
        } else {
          let detail = character.customisation.details[params[i]];
          player.setHeadOverlay(i, [detail.index, 0.0, detail.color1, detail.color2]);

and function setHeadOverlay not works for other players (in stream). I don't see changes on player-ped (another player)

needle overlay



existing result 




this problem also exists when creating a ped character and giving it overlay on the client side

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