devblog 11.09: Latest patch support, forums, wiki & more

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ragempdev    240

Hi, you're welcome at our new forums and wiki!

Changes overview (since previous announcement was posted):

  • Latest patch support

We've added support of latest game patch. It means that multiplayer supports two GTA V versions: latest 1.35 (791) and 1.33 (678) with its all DLCs. Owners of 1.33 version should download 4 DLCs that's size is ~1gb.

  • New API functions (pool functions, event functions etc)
  • NodeJS upgraded from 6.4.0 to 6.5.0
  • Overall stability improvements
  • Closed beta testing beginning: https://goo.gl/forms/k5qsGKnvSFhLNb2f1


Showcase of updated map loader & latest DLCs:


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Tumba    1
4 часа назад, Anton_Mazoruck сказал:

А где можно скачать?


Еще нет в открытом доступе

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