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devblog RAGE Multiplayer 0.3 DP1p2

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New updates:
+ Added 1.41 support with its all content




+ Threaded model loading
+ New event: playerRuleTriggered(ruleType, counter). Available rule types: "ping", "fps", "packetLoss", "gameVersion".
+ Server tags




+ Fixed broken faces
+ New launcher translations: Romanian (thanks to Armyw0w), Chinese (thanks to FunnyMan), Portuguese (thanks to StreetGT); French translation was updated
+ Fixed player.heading setter
+ Fixed blinking health/armor bug
+ Fixed #6
+ Fixed #14
+ Fixed #15
+ Fixed #1

Updates since 0.3 DP1 that were public before:
+ Improvements of in-game UI
+ Stability improvements
+ Spanish translation


Linux server:


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