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https://owlgaming.net/ Forums Discord IP: v.owlgaming.net:5000 About Us OwlGaming is a long term roleplay project with it's roots coming from Multi Theft Auto on GTA:SA. We ha

The best Hands down. Loving it here!

Correct I remember when you were a developer there! I've been roleplaying since RootGaming on MTA starting in early 2012! I'm also known to roleplay at LS-RP on SAMP as well.


OwlGaming V 1.7 | October, 2020

This update adds in a lot of new functionality, bug fixes and optimizations.


Features & Adjustments


  • Added Halloween
  • Outfits now let you show/hide hair on a per-outfit basis (in-case your hair interferes with your clothing items)
  • Characters can now be as young as 16 years old
    • Please make an admin report if you require your age changed
  • Added official faction hotlines to the phone
  • Script update shutdown warning increases from 10 sec to 60 sec
  • Vehicles which support hanging on the side/back now show a world prompt to do so
  • Fix Discord status player counts not updating correctly
  • New achievements popup
  • Achievements now show what % of the player base has achieved it
  • Achievements now have a rarity attached (Common, Rare, Very Rare)
  • Added 5 new achievements
    • Reminder, All achievements give you GC you can spend elsewhere in the script
  • Car wash price increased by $5
  • Car dirt build-up rate tweaked
  • Map upload size increased from 50kb to 300kb
  • Map uploaded speed increased


Duty System Overhaul

  • Lots of new PD/FD/EMS clothing
  • Duty now supports outfits
  • Duty now lets you pick your loadout per outfit
  • Duty outfits can be shared with other faction members via the inventory
  • Duty outfits let you show/hide hair on a per outfit basis
  • Added new equipment and weapons for the PD
  • Civilian outfits can now be equipped when on duty, allowing for better undercover options
  • You can now change duty outfits at any time (if on duty) from inventory
  • NOTE: If you were on duty, you will need to go back on duty after this update



  • Property markers are now a flat circle instead of an arrow
  • Property markers are now more transparent
  • Property markers are now smaller
  • Car wash markers are now a flat car icon instead of a large circle
  • Car wash markers are now more transparent
  • Gas station markers are now a flat car icon instead of a large circle
  • Gas station markers are now more transparent
  • Decluttered map of bank blips
    • Now only the main bank is shown
  • Decluttered map of gas station blips
    • Now only the main gas station is shown



  • Added a new bleed-out system
    • Players will start to limp at varying degrees when going below 50hp
    • When below 50 health, you will lose 1 health per 8 seconds
    • When critically injured (<= 15 health), the player will drop to the floor



  • Added civilian Tier 2 weapons (Rifles & SMGs) & attachments
    • These weapons are semi-auto (single shot) only
    • Tier 2 weapons can be purchased from Ammunation, provided you have the correct license
    • Licenses are requested via the LSPD
  • Changing weapon fire mode now shows a notification
  • Added a new taser model for PD



  • Added a vehicle list to the faction management UI (for managers only)



  • Added a new socket (Chest Sling) which allows you to store large weapons on your front rather than back
    • These items will also render on the front instead of back now


  • Added 5 new PD vehicles:
    • 2 new PD Undercover SUVs
    • 2 new PD Pickup trucks
    • New high performance motorcycle
  • Removed Chevy Tahoe mod
  • Added 3 new FD vehicles
    • LSFD Marked Ford Explorer
    • Unmarked Ford Explorer
    • Country Marked Ford Explorer
  • Tweaks to PD vehicles window tints
  • Tweaks to PD vehicle handling
  • Added support for vehicle extras for faction vehicles (/setvehextra)
    • This toggles certain visual elements, depending on the vehicle type



Performance Improvements

  • Lots of server optimizations
    • Server should feel more responsive to your actions/commands
  • Client performance/FPS improvements
  • Fix for client FPS drop when streaming in a remote player
  • Sync & latency improvements
  • Optimization for chat bubbles
  • Saved an additional 1ms per frame on client (a frame should be <= 16ms for 60fps)



  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't enter a vehicle randomly
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles could appear on top of roofs when parked underneath
  • 0003976: Vehicle goes missing when entering the mechanic shop.
  • Fixed weapon fire mode not setting correctly
  • Fixed weapon fire mode not letting you pick single fire correctly
  • Fixed a bug where if you died while in an animation, you could never use animations again until reconnect
  • Fixed a bug with vehicle hanging for PD + FD
  • Fixed bugs with PD riot and ballistic shields
  • Fixed a crash when linking discord account
  • 0003981: Age for characters - Restriction changed
  • 0003966: Gun bug.
  • 0003906: Going off duty in PD keeps the M4 on your character, but not in inventory.
  • 0003956: Vehicle Enter/Exit bug
  • 0003971: Glock and Ceramic pistol names mismatched
  • Fix modshop bug with horn preview not working
  • Fixed bug with rotation of world items
  • 0003961: New Clothing Store Bug.
  • 0003960: Manual selection of clothing items is bugged.
  • 0002044: You can enter a property while you're dead.
  • 0001594: Popped tires do not register for repairing in pay n' spray
  • Radio UI now shows expiration date
  • 0003969: Generic props movement




New Duty System



New Duty System



New Duty System



New Duty System



New FD vehicle



Duty Outfit Sharing



Duty Outfit Sharing



New PD vehicle



Bleed-out system:



New Achievement Effect:



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