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We are back!

For those of you who know us (and were hopefully members before), welcome back!
For those of you who don’t know us, welcome!

V: Role Play (as was established in 2013, and was the leading community for GTA: V role play, in many mods (V: Multiplayer, GTAMP, and a few more). Before that, we were a community for GTA IV role play – Liberty City Role Play (LCRP). Our team is together for over 7 years. Many of the key players in the GTA role play scene were members of our community.

 V: Role Play had over 3,000 registered players in game and a few thousands more in the community forums. Unfortunately, V: Role Play had to be shut down due to the mod failing.

 This time we’re back with full throttle for RageMP! We still have our dedicated members in our playerbase, and we will notify everyone as soon as the gamemode is close to playable. 

Our development team

I chose to begin with this part because that’s one of the things that makes us a strong competitor in the strict role play scene.

Our development team (along with our management and admin team) is a group of professionals who are Software Engineers in their personal careers and have a lot of experience. Most of our development team actually specializes in development for the web, which includes Node.js (the technology with which RageMP servers are developed) and other front-end technologies like Angular, React, Vue.js etc.

What does that mean for you? That means the gamemode will be developed by industry standards, very strictly, professionally and cleanly. That ensures better performance, better architecture and planning, and best of all – faster development! We deal with the technologies used to develop V:RP daily in the office and we feel at home developing for RageMP. We have a team specialized in front-end development as well, so let us assure you – amazing user interfaces are incoming.

Strict role play

V: Role Play (and past LCRP) has always been a strict role play server. We strive to realism as much as possible, yet realizing that there is a limit with how realistic you can get in a computer game. We’ve proven to be the home for the best role players from SA-MP communities such as LSRP, PRRP and more. Our community consists of many leading players from those communities.

A little sneak peak to our features:

  • Character vital stats
  • Realistic economy – consulting with a real-life economist continuously, we are developing a highly realistic economy system.
  • Factions system – legal governmental factions and privately owned organizations, as well as illegal factions.
  • Drugs and weaponry – a unique system that allows illegal organizations to (joyfully and challengingly) produce for the black market.
  • Housing system – The ability to purchase your own house and rent it out to people.
  • Vehicles system – Purchase vehicles and own them, hand keys to others, modify your vehicles and more. 

… find more in our community forums!

Vote to affect

Our "Vote to affect" (shortened VTA) system has been introduced in Liberty City Role Play in 2012 and was proven to be attractive for players. When we as the developers are not sure how to (or whether to) implement certain features, we set up a poll. Any player above 40 playing hours will be able to vote to affect the decisions and collect OOC trophies for shaping the community in its early stages. You are one of us!

Please note that this thread will be developed further and is not complete, as we are focusing on developing the game server. For more information, please join the community forums!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How are you different?
A: It’s enough to ask people who were in our staff team or playerbase between 2012 and 2018 (LCRP through V:RP). We are professionals who were also role players in the past who are passionate about development and most of all, building a new home for role players to settle in while migrating to GTA V. We love what we do and we’re good at it. We never had any unnecessary drama and we were always proving progress with our past development blogs. We believe in RageMP as a multiplayer modification, and as long as RageMP goes well, you guys will get to enjoy high quality role play with us.

Q: I was a donator on V: Role Play before, can I get my donator status back?
A: All our donators will get their store points back as soon as the UCP is launched. Thank you for your support and welcome back!

Q: When can I play?
A: In the past (2016), V:RP developers were a part of the V: Multiplayer development team/beta testers, so we had access to script development and we went quite far (bonus point: it was done in Node.js as well, which means many parts of our gamemode are already done and reusable in RageMP). Back then we decided we will develop the gamemode to a very advanced state and then release. This time, we will release the server as soon as we think it’s playable. Why? Everyone is tired of waiting. People want to role play on GTA V already, and we are going to provide that. We are going to patch the game server as frequently as possible with new features!

Q: Are you going to release development blogs?
A: Yes! We will release weekly development blogs, and we will try to make it as visual as possible for you guys. We will try to include photos and videos where possible.

Q: I want to become a tester, admin or developer. Where do I apply?
A: The next post in this thread (and in our community forums’ announcements section) you will find a list of open positions. Follow the instructions to apply.

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It feels good that we are back! Can't wait to develop this awesome gamemode so that you guys can enjoy it!

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I am glad the original domain is back! Brings back good memories.

It also distinguishes V-RP as a serious roleplay community as opposed to other wannabe Godfather servers with a lame light roleplay atmosphere.

Can't wait to see pictures from the script and UCP!


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We're recruiting Game Administrators specializing in illegal roleplay. If you have extensive past illegal roleplay experience, want to moderate the illegal roleplay scene and design, develop, implement and moderate illegal roleplay systems such as acquiring firearms and narcotics, we want to hear from you!  

Information Topic:

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