Trying to add blips through an array.

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I am pretty new to RageMP development. So far it's looking great, nice work by the devs :)

I am stuck on a certain part for now though. I am trying to add blips on a map through an array. It is placing the blip, but only on one location, but that also not in either of the co-ordinates in the array.

let fuelCords = [
	"261.078, -1266.621, 28.407",
	"1180.527, -325.744, 68.437"

fuelCords.forEach(function(object, index) {
    mp.blips.new(72, new mp.Vector3(object), {
		name: 'Gas Station',
		color: 51,
		shortRange: true,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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