Clientside How to getting started with Clientside JS ?

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Hey Guys, 

Ive started to code with Rage:MP for some days ago. Ive already a basic Server structure, but I need some information about Clientside coding with JS. 

So lets get started: 

  1. How could I structure/organize my clientside code? Like how could the folder structure be and so on.. 
  2. How can I create NativeUI with JS on Clientside ? For example if I created a colshape and marker somewhere, and only in this area should trigger the NativeUI in case i press E.


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Hello there,
To get started with RAGE API, you can always take a look at the tutorials in the wiki to get to know more about it. About the NativeUI, you can check this resource. Should be easy plug and use and you'll get used to it in no time.

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