devblog RAGE Multiplayer 1.1.0-DP#1 Goes Public Beta!

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Summary of RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 updates since 1.1 Testing Release (*quickly* dumped from #quick-updates)



  • Client-side JS game methods now throw an exception (instead of 1) just pushing a notification on argument type mismatch 2) silently failing on argument count mismatch)
  • Added client-side player.isTypingInTextChat (synchronized and works both for local and streamed remote players, intended to replace third party custom typing state synchronization that mostly was implemented *not the most optimized way*)
  • Added mp.invoke("setTypingInChatState", state); (CEF)
  • Updated client-/server C# libraries (server-side C# resources require recompilation)
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.MsgPack.Serialize (MsgPack library should not be used through scripts directly anymore)
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.MsgPack.Deserialize
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.Json.Serialize (unlike MsgPack, you still can use Json/XxHash libraries directly, this is just an easy to use wrapper)
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.Json.Deserialize
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.Json.DefaultSettings
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.XxHash64.Hash
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.MsgPack.ConvertFromJson
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.MsgPack.ConvertToJson
  • Added client-side C# RAGE.Util.MsgPack.DefaultOptions
  • CEF<->Client-side triggers now support larger strings
  • Added: you can now spawn synchronized peds with automatic controller assignment  ({dynamic: true, lockController: false}); disabled by default
  • Added client-side playerReady event (triggered when all the server data is ready)
  • Added mp.system.isFullscreen (RAGE.Ui.Windows.Fullscreen)
  • Added mp.system.isFocused (RAGE.Ui.Windows.Focused)
  • Added mp.system.notify({ title: string, text: string, attribute: string, duration: int, silent: bool }) (RAGE.Ui.Windows.Notify)


  • Added RAGE.Ui.DefaultWindow.Call/ExecuteCachedJs
  • Added client-side C# Input.Bind
  • Added client-side C# Input.Unbind
  • Added client-side C# VirtualKey enum (and Bind/Unbind/IsKeyUp/Down overloads)
  • Added support of binding left/right buttons (L/RShift etc) separately
  • Added missing server-side C# player own data API
  • Added radius parameter to client-side blip constructor
  • Added missing server-side C# Vehicle.Spawn(Vector3 position, float heading)
  • Added: C# EntityPool.AsEnumerable()
  • Added client-side C# Entity.GetSharedData ulong key overload
  • Added seatId param to client-side OnPlayerLeaveVehicle event
  • Updated: client-side playerLeaveVehicle now has vehicle param
  • "api-threading-debugging" now also throws a C# exception, alongside with logging bad calls
    JS Error "Expected multiplayer object" now also throws a JavaScript exception, not crashing the server anymore if caught


  • Fixed unoccupied vehicle synchronization related crash
  • Fixed client-side JS intervals
  • Fixed server crash on vehicle destroy
  • Fixed driving synchronization glitch
  • Fixed RAGE.Ui.Console.Verbosity not being available
  • Fixed client-side C# damage events missing some params
  • Fixed non-ASCII server path support
  • Fixed "Server crashes when trying to use a command that has a player parameter, and a player cannot be found"
  • Fixed: long initial vehicle streaming times
  • Fixed 64-bit integers in triggers from client-side to server-side
  • Fixed reported client-side C# events-related issues
  • Fixed reported client-side streaming issues
  • Fixed "Marker.Visible gets ignored on marker restreaming"
  • Fixed dummyEntityDestroyed client-side event not fired
  • Fixed launcher settings issues; also a bit overhauled it
  • Fixed client-side C# receiving wrong entities from triggers
  • Fixed "C# Server-side GetClothesDrawable and GetClothesTexture returns incorrect value"
  • Fixed "Blips created server-side (C#) with another dimension assigned to them seem to act weird. I created some on resource start, and all of them are visible on join, including those that are in other dimensions."
  • Fixed mp.game.invoke crash after frequent referenced array buffer usage
  • Fixed "Launcher: open launcher -> open settings -> click on "Change path" and nothing will happen"
  • Fixed "RAGE.Elements.Entities.Players.Streamed always return empty list"
  • Fixed "player.stopAnimation()"
  • Fixed client-side playerEnterVehicle 1.1 regression
  • Fixed: client-side RAGE.Ui.Input.TakeScreenshot not available
  • Fixed: "mp.game.gxt.get and mp.game.gxt.getDefault crashes the game if the gxt entry is unknown, should return 'NULL'"
  • Fixed release build/anticheat conflict
  • Unoccupied vehicle synchronization fixes
  • Fixed mp.Pool.forEach-related issues
  • Fixed server-side weapon anticheat blocking weapon if given exactly after taking it from the player due to a false positive
  • Fixed client-side C# OnConsoleCommand function command argument
  • Fixed client-side C# DummyEntity shared data getter
  • Fixed client-side C# browser state events
  • Fixed player vehicle data not available in server-side playerLeaveVehicle event, it's now cleaned up after the event
  • Fixed vehicle exit animation
  • Fixed incorrect UTF-8 to UTF-16 masterlist convert resulting in empty masterlist if specific server name used
  • Fixed a bug when checkpoints get streamed in invisible and then collide detection doesn't get activated after making it visible without restreaming
  • Fixed SetEntitySharedData Dictionary<string, object> overload
  • Fixed server-side blip V/RDR2 branch regressions
  • Fixed vehicle dimension change warping the player out of the vehicle
  • Fixed a few vehicle-related issues
  • Fixed server-side object rotation setter
  • Fixed client console input
  • Fixed arrow navigation in launcher not being enabled back after closing settings modal
  • Fixed miscellaneous server issues
  • Added 1.1 Linux server build to the updater image (direct link: https://cdn.rage.mp/updater/10_mNwuchuQ4ktWbR8d2N5jUzRt/server-files/linux_x64.tar.gz)
  • Updated localisations
  • Linux server build fixes
  • Fixed server-side C# player.GetHeadOverlay
  • Fixed vehicle synchronization glitches when the driver gets warped out of the vehicle
  • Fixed vehicle damage ignored if vehicle gets re-streamed by client-side streamer without server-side streamer notification
  • Fixed Cursor.Visible returning "freezeControl" value instead of an actual cursor state
  • Fixes for recent C# API additions
  • Fixed the "vehicle synchronization stop" bug
  • Fixed several client-side streaming issues related to slow resource streaming resulting in undefined behavior in a few cases
  • Fixed C# missing DLL error message on launch
  • Fixed reported key bind issues
  • Fixed reported Linux build issues
  • Fixed regular static client-side peds flags not matching 0.3.7
  • Fixed entity.forceStreamingUpdate()
  • Several server fixes of issues caught with emulated server stress tests
  • Fixed sending expired entities through mp.events.callRemote (just null now)
  • Fixed RAGE.Util.Json.Deserialize optional settings argument
  • Fixed accidental vehicle respawning for its driver after leaving the car
  • Fixed all vehicle extras enabled by default
  • Fixed vehicle.Locked
  • Fixed white screen popping up before UI is completely loaded
  • Fixed vehicles tyre bug (needs confirmation?)
  • Fixed player.playAnimation
  • Fixed unoccupied vehicles teleport issue
  • Decreased player/vehicle client-side streaming times
  • Fixed history tab
  • Fixed map object validation when it's created before player joins
  • Fixed game freeze issue
  • Fixed legacy/1.1 client-side C# conflict
  • Fixed mp.storage issue



  • Added launcher option to disable Windows notifications (enabled by default)
  • Improve launcher load times
  • Updated: "enable-synchronization-extrapolation" has been replaced with "synchronization-extrapolation-multiplier" (0.0 to disable)
  • Reimplemented blip naming API (solves random blip names disappearing)
  • Handshake/initial loading stuff has been reimplemented: faster joining on many entities/data, fix of timeouts on packet lossy connections on joining; works parallel off main stuff going on
  • Added client 0.3.7 compatibility mode (even supports launcher client packages download)
  • Added CEF accelerated rendering toggle ability (launcher settings); it's disabled now by default as people seemed to have issues related to CEF rendering in 1.1+ Renamed /clientdata/pool_overrides.xml to: 1) pool_overrides_v.xml; 2) pool_overrides_rdr2.xml
  • Added back RAGE Multiplayer's assets "default" pool limit overrides (custom server-sided gameconfig.xml 1.1 feature was supposed to be a more smart and flexible way but both are going to be present now)
  • Server streamer performance optimizations
  • Added launcher option to pick preferred voice input device
  • A few optimizations of launcher downloader for heavy files
  • Updater/launcher startup times improvements
  • Optimized RAGE UI loading
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