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NEW GEN RPG (Gamemode made from scratch) - Open Beta - In progress

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tl;dr - RPG Gamemode, made from scratch, I need help in testing and balancing to polish it - REMOVED (Also, I'm open for ideas and improvements, so feel free to drop by, check the gamemode and share some thoughts and experience)

NOTE: I'm also interested in finding someone to help me with the administrative side of things!

I'm working on a new RPG gamemode (version 1.1, made from scratch) that is based on a roleplay infrastructure but with looser rules and focused more on grinding aspects, followed by action type events like POIs wars, races, etc.

Server is in OPEN BETA stage - Multiple features were developed so far but I will need help in testing and balancing the gamemode.

Below you can find some of the features:




Features implemented so far: (there is much more to each feature of course):

  • Accounts

    • Register/Login system, with MySQL;

    • Player STATS;


  • RPG Infrastructure:

    • Global & Local chat;

    • RP Commands;

    • Day'n Cycle;

    • Skills system for each activity/job;

    • Drugs; (Weed & Cocaine, that can be consumed in game)


  • Economy

    • PayDay system; (Hourly)

    • Bank system;

    • ATMs;

    • Trade system; (Players can sell items to other players)

  • Admins

    • Admin Features based on Ranks;

    • Admin Commands;


  • Activities/Jobs

    • Legal activities: Fishing

    • Legal jobs: Postal Courier, Food Courier, Trucker, Goods Courier, Garbage Collector, Taxi Driver


    • Illegal activities: Car Theft

    • Illegal jobs: Arms Dealer, Cocaine Dealer, Weed Dealer


  • Licenses

    • Driving

    • Boat

    • Flying (not implemented yet)

    • Fishing

    • Firearm (not implemented yet)


  • Vehicles

    • Both Personal & Faction vehicles can be purchased from Dealerships;

    • Rentable vehicles: Faggio, Blista and Dinghy

    • Personal vehicles can be stolen;

    • Second-Hand vehicles

      • An open market where players can sell their vehicles for the desired price;


  • Factions

    • Static 

      • LSPD

      • Medics

      • Townhall


  • Dynamic factions system
    • Fully dynamic factions system; (Players can create their own factions and fully personalise it)


  • POIs (Points of interest)

    • Unique feature (additional details on the server)


  • Drugs
    • Both Cocaine and Weed plants can be planted (need seeds) by faction members; (Players must wait for the plants to grow before harvesting)

    • Plants can be fertilized by players, to provide additional harvest;


  • Events

    • Dynamic server events system:

      • Paintball (A static DM FFA event, that players can attend)

      • Races (Dynamic races, that can be created directly in game by an admin)






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Hello again,

To facilitate the communication, until we get the ball rolling, I created a discord server.

I've also added a list of features (not all of them yet unfortunately) on the #announcements channel.



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  • Tonytza changed the title to RPG REVAMPED (In progress) - Need help with Testing and Balancing
  • 3 weeks later...

Hello again,

Today I introduced version 0.9a on the server, to which I added a Feedback system, where you can post your ideas/suggestions/issues or any feedback. (Pressing F8 in game will display/close the Feedback menu)

Also, with this version, I removed the whitelist, meaning that everyone can join the server now. (The server is still in BETA phase!)

The new version also includes (For the full list of changes, please see discord):


- Code clean-up & optimisation;
- Implemented Server Events; (Races for the moment)
- Races can be created by admins directly in game; (Including start positions, checkpoints, vehicles (up to 3))
- Implemented Paintball event;(A DM event that mutliple players can attend)
         - Can be attended/started with /paintball command;
- Implemented Lottery system;
- Reworked the Fishing activity:
          - Changed the fishing game a bit, you now have to spam Y to catch something;
          - Added various chances to break the line or catch junk;
          - Added a temporary CEF for fishing minigame;
- Implemented house text labels client side;
- Revamped the Drugs System
          - Coca & Weed seeds can be planted, fertilized and harvested by players;
- Feedback System
         - Added a CEF to provide a mechanism for players to provide their feedback;
         - Feedback menu can be opened/closed with F8 key;
         - When providing feedback, you can select if it's a Suggestion/Idea, Issue/Bug or Other;


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  • Tonytza changed the title to NEW GEN RPG (Gamemode made from scratch) - Open Beta - In progress

Hello again!

Server is now running latest Rage MP version.

Server is still in open beta phase for the moment and I need help with balancing and testing some of the features. Thanks! (Use F8 (feedback menu) in game to provide your suggestions/ideas/issues)

I also pushed version 0.9b to the server, which brings (besides bug fixing and optimizations) few new features:



Implemented Safe Zones:
    * At the moment does not have an impact to players; (But can be created by admins)

Reworked the Businesses System:
    * Businesses have 'products' that are consumed when clients purchase something;
    * Products can be re-stocked by Goods Delivery job (or by Trucker if Gas Station);
    * Types: General Store, Gas Stations, Clothes Store, Barber, Tattoo (Just Gas Stations implemented so far)

Reworked the Speedometer:

Implemented Vehicle Fuel system:
    * Vehicles will consume fuel while the engine is ON; (stationary will result lower fuel consumption)
    * Vehicles can be refueled at any of the Gas Stations;
    * Vehicle's driven distance is now stored;

Improved the Lottery Event:
    * Added automatic extraction every Sunday at 20:00;

Added Jobs Department:
    * Located at Town Hall, it provides the player with the ability to 'scroll' through server's legal jobs and take any desired job;
    * Use /jobs (to locate the TownHall via waypoint) and press E to display the jobs department panel;

Implemented a basic Inventory system and simple General Stores CEF:
    * Various items can be purchased from General Stores;
    * Items can provide bonuses (like bigger fishes caught, more ores mined, carry capacity, etc)

Reworked the Goods Courier job:
    * From now on, it's called Products Supplier;
    * The job is used to supply businesses with products:
    * General businesses can be supplied with a Mule; (it can be selected when starting the job)
    * Gas stations can be supplied with a Tanker; (it can be selected when starting the job)




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