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RPG REVAMPED (In progress) - Need help with Testing and Balancing

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tl;dr - RPG Gamemode, made from scratch, I need help in testing and balancing to polish it - Join Discord https://discord.gg/AV6XBCY; (Also, I'm open for ideas and improvements, so feel free to drop by, check the gamemode and share some thoughts and experience)

NOTE: I'm also interested in finding someone to help me with the administrative side of things!


I'm working on a new RPG gamemode (version 1.1, made from scratch) that is based on a roleplay infrastructure but with looser rules and focused more on grinding aspects, followed by action type events like POIs wars, races, etc.

Server is in CLOSED BETA - Multiple features were developed so far but I will need help in testing and balancing the gamemode. Considering the current state of the features (some still need work and some are not yet implemented), I don't want to spoil everything, therefor I will need few people to do some tests. However, below you can find some of the features:




Features implemented so far: (there is much more to each feature of course):

  • Accounts

    • Register/Login system, with MySQL;

    • Player STATS;


  • RPG Infrastructure:

    • Global & Local chat;

    • RP Commands;

    • Day'n Cycle;

    • Skills system for each activity/job;

    • Drugs; (Weed & Cocaine, that can be consumed in game)


  • Economy

    • PayDay system; (Hourly)

    • Bank system;

    • ATMs;

    • Trade system; (Players can sell items to other players)

  • Admins

    • Admin Features based on Ranks;

    • Admin Commands;


  • Activities/Jobs

    • Legal activities: Fishing

    • Legal jobs: Postal Courier, Food Courier, Trucker, Goods Courier, Garbage Collector, Taxi Driver


    • Illegal activities: Car Theft

    • Illegal jobs: Arms Dealer, Cocaine Dealer, Weed Dealer


  • Licenses

    • Driving

    • Boat

    • Flying (not implemented yet)

    • Fishing

    • Firearm (not implemented yet)


  • Vehicles

    • Both Personal & Faction vehicles can be purchased from Dealerships;

    • Rentable vehicles: Faggio, Blista and Dinghy

    • Personal vehicles can be stolen;

    • Second-Hand vehicles

      • An open market where players can sell their vehicles for the desired price;


  • Factions

    • Static 

      • LSPD

      • Medics

      • Townhall


  • Dynamic factions system
    • Fully dynamic factions system; (Players can create their own factions and fully personalise it)


  • POIs (Points of interest)

    • Unique feature (additional details on the server)


  • Events

    • Dynamic server events system:

      • Paintball (A static DM FFA event, that players can attend)

      • Races (Dynamic races, that can be created directly in game by an admin)



If you're interested and want to contribute to the server, feel free to post here, PM me or join Discord!





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Hello again,

To facilitate the communication, until we get the ball rolling, I created a discord server.

Feel free to join https://discord.gg/AV6XBCY

I've also added a list of features (not all of them yet unfortunately) on the #announcements channel.



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  • Tonytza changed the title to RPG REVAMPED (In progress) - Need help with Testing and Balancing

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