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web: https://gtarp.club/

ip: s1.gtarp.club:22005

Welcome to the GTA Role Play Project known as Role Play Club. There are many features here to explore like factions, legal and illegal jobs, and gang related activity. Not only can you get a normal job to make money but you affiliate yourself with a family and attempt to steal from others and rob banks. If you are not into the crime side of the city then you can work for the police and try to stop them. You want to make changes within the city? Then you can work for the government and become a lawyer to serve the citizens of Los Santos.



We have a very useful communication device for players to use. All players have an in-game tablet and you can use it to text and call other players that are online, check ratings, control your business, upgrade your player, call for a taxi, and numerous other functions. Instead of having to type out commands in order to do certain actions, you just press the app on your tablet and it's done.



There are five Factions within the city that you can join. City Hall. Police Department, Army, Emergency Medical Department, and the Department of Licensing. Each of these have their own perks and responsibility. Working for City Hall, you make laws for the citizens to follow and make it fair to them. You may also become a lawyer and help those who were wrongly convicted of a crime. Obviously the Police handle the crime within the city and attempt to put them to justice. The army is the bronze of the city and helps when there is more than the police can handle. They also attempt to take control of the gangs in the city. Emergency medical works for the hospital and helps members who are injured and brings them back to health. You need to have licenses in order to legally drive certain vehicles. The Licensing department will test the citizens and see if they are fit to have one of the licenses and will give it to them.



If you would rather live a life of crime, you can join a family (gang). Doing so will allow you to become involved in many different activities that are against the law such as robberies, taking hostage, and turf control. Different families can fight over turfs in the city in order to gain money. The more turf you own, the more power you have, the more money you make. Grind your family to the highest rated and run the city. Battle with other families to gain control.



  • Taxi driver
  • Fisherman
  • Trucker
  • Pilot
  • Miner
  • Lumberjack
  • Farmer
  • Electrician
  • Docker
  • Aquanaut
  • A lot of legal and illegal quests (carjacker, drugdealer, robber and other)



  • Race
  • Derby
  • Paintball
  • Fallout



  • Trading platform
  • Business system
  • Property system
  • Daily storage auction
  • Casino
  • Cinema
  • Driving school
  • Upgrade system
  • Real cars

...and much more! 








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