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ParagonRP is currently seeking JavaScript developers with prior knowledge and experience to join an adept team of developers and administrators. With very extensive community and leadership experience, our team has been designing and developing material for the Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplaying community as a whole since early 2013. Pioneering the movement we have accumulated a wealth of experience and content ready to be implemented into our already flourishing gamemode.

We do not have any strict requirements for developers at all, however we are maintaining that you have some prior experience with a project or at least knowledge of a typical development cycle.



This is the Design Cycle that we maintain at ParagonRP that involves the end user (players) at almost every angle so that we can ensure that everything we add to the gamemode is firstly appreciated and valued by our player base. This is essential as we want our gamemode to be specifically tailored to those that play on it.

Feel free to check out our forums and Discord before enquiring as we have lots of content and designs already publicated (#gamemode in discord, Announcements section on forums) here is the latest Development Blog which details progress for that schedule we now will only release our Development Blogs with more detail through longer schedules (currently monthly) also available to view is our advertisement here on the RageMP forums


Some simple prerequisites are:

  • Prior involvement in a development project

  • Experience in a development orientated group setting

  • Ability to work under instruction, in a team, and as a leader

  • Ability to negotiate git, SQL and JavaScript along with their respective technologies (AngularJS, NodeJS, any Git Software, VueJS, etc)


To enquire please contact Ari on the ParagonRP Discord (, via the forums at or via email ([email protected])

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